Saturday, August 11, 2018

Reviving The Etsy Shop

I haven't got photos at the moment, but I just finished checking Etsy and seeing what infernal changes have been made, so that I can start the shop back up again with an item I have been entertaining myself with since the tablet got fumbled and cracked Monday.  Amazing what you can get done when you are not attached to a tech device, though I am missing my books, which were all Ebooks (ARRRGGGHHH!  Doctor Who book binge foiled!).  Thankfully, I got everything backed up on a 16 GB micro-card and was needing a new tablet thing anyway as the touch screen was losing it's touchability.  I just hope the sales are still on by the first.

Anyway, 15 mins to go before they throw everyone out so making it shorter, I have actually finished an item by hand to sell on Etsy for an MSD doll, and plugged my iron in for the first time in two years!  The storage unit lights flickered and my fan nearly died, so yeah, turned off the lights and unplugged the fan and got the job done.  Good thing I have the car battery power box for the sewing machine, which I have not tried yet, but we all know things that heat up suck more power.  The sewing machine says it pulls one more amp than a cell phone, so fingers crossed.  I hope to have enough of the fabric to make either another dress, or a top to go with a skirt for the larger SID doll.  The Dior is progressing slowly, as I keep putting things on and taking them off and rethinking the plan and that is just the bodice.

We are no where near the raging fires of Summer, but the smoke and smell of burning is very obvious every morning this past week, and ashes are everywhere.

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