Sunday, July 15, 2018

Heat Waves, and Flash Floods?

Friday, July 5th we had a hellish heat wave, 113 heat, that kept up through Tuesday, gradually (too gradually!) going down to 101 and then 99.  It was just Awful!  There ar no 'cooling' stations around here that allow pets, so we hit the park again.  This year we have a 10 by 10 pop up awning, which was a huge help.  Tama chose his method of cooling off.   He doesn't like grass, no matter how much cooler it is on the ground, but we got some wooden folding tables at the 2nd Chance Thrift store which is auxiliary to the Upland Animal shelter.  He took over mine.

Then Saturday, we had a thunderstorm and monsoon like down pour that lifted the awning up about a foot, and scared Tama silly.  He couldn't run for the truck, and climbed up on me and held on for dear life, until the rain stopped. Which instantly turned to hellish humidity.  I hope that was this year's extravagance.  Last year we had an 11 day heat wave but it was not as hot as this!  So yeah, hope it's not going to be a monthly thing this summer.  We were quite spoilt with our cooler of ice and fruit drinks and water, and snacks, but I think we should have packed up and headed for the beach!  The heat will be a huge factor in getting any thing done for the business in the summer months.  If our android based tablets and phones were so hot they would not charge and kept shutting down, I don't think my sewing machine would have a good time of it.  You could iron a seam with how how the phone got, just trying to make a phone call that Friday.  

I am getting the sewing area set up  in storage, now that the fridge and freezer are out of the way, but the heat blew my mental circuits and it took me a week just to get my head clear enough to think beyond daily tasks again! I was drinking a lot of water, but I needed electrolytes and vitamins to get past the heat.  Dai does better than me, but then I have that thyroid thing so maybe that's a big part of it.  I am finally getting the Dior dress bodice cut out and will have something to show for that project soon.  

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