Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Glad I Don't Live There Anymore

Ex neighbor friend told me a few days ago Friday the 13th was hell in our old complex.  All the time we were living there, there were a few fires, some kids setting the trash bins on fire, an occasional kitchen flare up, or a patio roof getting caught in too much bbq fluid on the coals, but this was the big one.  Its across from where our building was before we moved into the one bedroom.  No one was hurt, but two neighbors and my mechanic told me the company basically told the victims to go fiddle.  They had mostly just paid their 1,300 months rent for these old late 40s apartments, and the place had shitty wiring, and badly done plumbing, so who knows what happened, but it looks like it raced through the attic along the open holes for the plumbing right into the garages. 

Very nicely documented fire department work video here, so the victims will have some thing to show for pain and suffering, that's for sure.  A lawyer forced the owners to put the homeless in hotels for now.  I would say Kershner and their batch finally got what was coming to bite them in their wallet after years of refusing to fix anything unless a lawsuit was involved, so yeah, much schadenfreude.

I am so glad we do not live there any more,  You can bet the rents on the other flats will go up exponentially to pay for this.  I remember answering the question on Den of Angels, what would you grab in a fire, and thinking, ah, that would never happen, we have fire extinguishers, etc, but hearing from the ex-neighbors how fast it ripped through the building, omg! 


  1. Wow! So glad you guys were well out of there long before that happened!

  2. Holy cow! Thank goodness you weren't there--and yes, old dry building go very fast, especially with older materials and no sprinkler systems in place. I hope the tenants have successful lawsuits! Hope you are also managing to keep cool in this heat!


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