Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Truck Passed The Smog Test!

(Happy happy joy joy dances!)

We won't be in dire debt for the next two years having to put new catalytic whosits on it and all that sensor stuff!  Yay!  Not only that but the guy put a hose back on and now the truck runs much better.  No idea how that thing came off in the first place, but he said it might just have fallen off with age.  Wierd, but check all your hoses and belts for wear and tear once a month, you never know. 

Now we can move onto the plan to get a larger storage unit and set up the business better.  Too bad we have to do it in the heat of summer, but there you go.  A unit big enough to put stuff on one side and the sewing/computer stuff on the other would be a huge improvement on the OMG don't open the door! mess we have now.  

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