Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Dior Project Lives Again, Despite The Damned Poster Tack

Remember this girl?

She is 'spare' head for my Dragon Doll body, and I finally found her today while looking for that wig.  The stupid tack melted, leaked out of her eye, all over that part of her face (think phantom of the opera, only sticky!) and into the wig.  (Sigh).  
For the hair, I will try the baby oil, then wash trick; but for her face and acrylic eye, I'm afraid it is going to be a new face up.  It was a horrible mess.    

I was looking for the short 50's wig because I've been wanting to do a Dior Goddess dress from scratch for years, found the project box a month ago, and finally made up my mind to use the IH SID 28cm bust doll Fishcake gave me for the model.  Because her lime green sneakers will go so well with it!  I am, however going to pad up the dolls bust a bit, because I might want to sell it when it is eventually done and while a beaded and sequined dress can be taken in, it is a pain in the butt to let it out.  But this is one of those dream projects I have had in a bucket since FIDM days, it is already all supplied for down to the zipper, and it is all hand sewing, so it will keep me out of trouble for some time.  

The inspirations for this project, Venus and Juno.
More info on the gowns here.

In looking through my blog photos for the bag o'stuff photo, I found these.

Tama's Idea of Helping

  My Idea of Helping.
Clearly there is a cultural incompatibility at work here. 

Update: WD-40 got the poster tack out of the wig, but I had to wash it three times in mild soap to get rid of the oil, and the wig still smells like WD-40, so use baby oil.  Vegetable oil might work, too, so chose your odor.  There appears to be no damage to the fiber.  It is one of those heat resistant stiff hair wigs, not the soft fine hair ones.  

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