Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Now I Know What a 'Felt Mute' Is

I have a feeling this was originally some musician's beret that got shoved on a horn to change the tone.  So this is made from a piece of felt, with a cut out to 'let the sound out' and mutes the tone somewhat. There are various types of mutes, this is a felt one.  The trombone it is on is a beautiful vintage trombone with amazing chasing in a southwestern pattern reminiscent of Spanish work.  My phone is a lousy camera, but maybe it will show.  The library computers do not have photo editing programs so I have to just go with what shows, without being able to focus in, etc.

See how it looks like a beret with a hole in it?

It has to fit loosely so that the musician can pop it off and on one handed as needed. 
I was weirded out by how loose it had to be because I am used to fashion fitting, so the poor horn looks badly to dressed to me, but I am assured this it is.

We looked on YouTube for an example, and there are a number of strange mutes for brass instruments, but these are a few.

I guess it depends on what you are used to using and what preferences the player has, and in the music sheets it will state certain mutes to be used.  

So, I sewed this by hand, because the weather was too hot and I didn't feel like lugging the machine to the park. It is heavy! Plus the battery.  So yeah, still working on that.  

And while I have the phone hooked up:

How Tama spent his vacation at the beach!


  1. That is such a cool project! I can see why there needs to be a gap "to let the sound out". Tama looks so comfortable--why get all sandy and salty if you can sleep in comfort? :D

    1. It was a strange one. I prefer dolls. Tama had a great time, lots of staring out the windows, but declining to walk on his leash. The last evening though, he hopped out and tried to disappear into the dark and I had a 10 pm panic attack chasing him around in the bushes in the dark. He may look light, but in the dark, he just turns into a shadow.


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