Thursday, April 12, 2018

Found Them!

Okay, crisis over, I found the Idealian, EID and SID boy jeans patterns, thank goodness!  I stil have not found the stuff I cut out for the big guy dolls, but the stuff must be in there some where.  I did find the Dior project box, which I wish I had been working on all this time, since it is a hand sewing job. 

Anyway, I have a machine sewing project to do, and this is is the perfect excuse to take the battery box to the park (if it doesn't rain in the next few days) and get it done.  It is an end cover or what ever the name is for it for a trombone.  The jaz musician and composer already has one of those plunger cup things, but he also wants this cover made from felt with elastic that does something to the tonals of the horn or something like that.  From dolls to big band, sheesh!  But I need to get over my shyness and get that machine to the park. 

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