Monday, March 5, 2018

We're Getting There

Today we tried out the power box thing and it works.  We had to wait for the rain to go away so I could feel comfortable switching out the car batteries.  I tested it on our electric hair clippers rather than the sewing machine, just in case it did something, but it's fine.  Now I am waiting on another storage unit shelf to get more room organized so that I can get to things more easily.  I realized I could put another shelf on top of my sewing desk, and since I can't open the wings on the desk, I might as well go up. 

The next thing to do is find out how long I can run the battery before it will not start the truck.  It has an indicator for low power on the battery box, but I want to know how many hours we can get out of it.  Then I can just go to the park, sit at a picnic table in the shade and get a few hours machine work done.  The only sad thing is we still need a working laptop to make the embroidery patterns from scratch, so that comes after the truck gets past smog in July.  The exhaust is "rust held together by road dirt" LOL!  And I know with all the driving it means another 2 catalytic converters. So the faster I get the business up and working again, the better. 

So there we are, still on track for all the plans.  And still applying for "income based" housing, because we are "economically homeless".  These are the new terms for a couple of hundred thousand Californians right now.  Running into more and more people doing the same thing.  Pile everything in to storage, live in car or truck and go to work.  It is getting ridiculous.  And for a lot of people who are working, there isn't any help getting back into housing because they make too much money to qualify for any programs. 

And I have to wonder what exactly is going to happen with all these city Mayors who think they live in their own little barony, or fiefdom rather than a part of the USA.  People with any means of doing it are fleeing these cities, so who is left to pay the bills? 

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