Thursday, March 29, 2018

Storage, Gotta Love It

I am STILL  in the process of organizing storage and while I could find the majority of my doll patterns, I can not for some reason find the pattern folders for my big boys.  This is pretty horrible, because I have drafted jeans patterns that fit the EID and SID boys rather fabulously, and I will lose my mind if I have lost them.  It seems to me I had specific fabric set aside for the Dragon Doll Uncles, SID boys and EID boys, and may have put the patterns in with the projects?  The last time I saw the EID and SID jeans, they were taken out for Erics's David and Venetu (spelling? O-o) western outfits.  And my Dragon Doll guys suit patterns are probably in that Bermuda Triangle, too, because I had a whole bunch of stuff cut out for them that I never had time to sew.

So after my back stops hurting, I will climb up and lift down the heave boxes, hopefully this coming week, though they are closed on the weekend for Easter and drive myself nuts tearing through boxes for them. After that I can honestly say, I will be able to cope with being open for business again. 

Lovely day today.  Six miles drive with the oil warning light on, put a quart in, get to the Storage place and it's going drip, drip, drip.  Panic!  Went to the mechanic.  Oil sending unit.  A whopping 30$.  OMG, I was terrified it was the engine gasket or something horrific.  What a relief!   It was fixed in like five minutes after the parts driver showed up. 

The library lets you check out Chrome books now, and for 3 hours, so we can watch movies on line (naturally on the free sites, poor is poor) and I was lucky to get to see the live action versions of Gintama: Benisakura, as well as Full Metal Alchemist.  Both were awesome and the characters from the anime almost exactly portrayed by the actors, unlike that travesty of Kuroshitsuji.  Full Metal had me in tears at certain parts and the fight scenes in Gintama were freaking awesome.  And the COSTUMES!  One of my favorite part of doing Anime costumes is how tricky it is to get them exact.  So yeah, the costumes were fabulous!   The anime movie of Godzilla; Monster Planet was pretty incredible too, but post apocalyptic and a real downer.  Still, it has been an excuse to watch shows that have no sub-titles in English so that I can test my Japanese comprehension.  Right now I am mired down in verb conjugation, and getting the Kanji to stick is probably going to be a life long problem.

Does it strike anyone besides me that Easter being on April Fool's day means baskets of carrot and lettuce instead of chocolate?  


  1. I can totally see the baskets being crammed with veggies and seeds :D The movies sound great--I never get around to watching things so I enjoy them second-hand :D

    1. Sorry this took so long but my hubby decided that if it was on HIS tablet, he could delete my emails, not knowing that it deletes them across the board! Penguins of Madagascar: Europes Most Wanted was on at the doctors office today. Hysterical!

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