Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Mailing Address!

Very long story.  We had signed up with a local church for a street mail address, because in California you can not register a car or get insurance without one.  Think of the thousands of people currently living in their cars out here right now.  Any way, I go in today to check our mail, and for the second time, I find a non-charity org person handling the mail!  A known con artist and scammer in the local homeless community.  I went ballistic!  I had told the organizers about this person before, and here he was sorting mail.  The problem with this mail thing is that after 3 weeks they throw the mail away.  He could just throw anything away and no one would question it.  Long story short, I went to the post office, canceled my PO Box to get my next 6 months payment in advance back and then went to change our address from the church mail box.  I was told at the other post office in that city that they could not reroute my mail to the new Mail Box store address. 


Because they can't stop my mail or they would have to stop everyone else's at that address.  And here is where the BS kicks in.  I have to put my name, and sign this card to have OUR mail forwarded.  By Name. 

So if you are a college kid or something sharing a house or flat, or living in a rooming house with others and you move back home, you can't have your mail forwarded?  Screw it, I mailed in the request anyway.  They are supposed to check the NAME on the mail, are they not?

So if you do not get an email with the new street address please contact me. 

The big problem is we ordered a handicap pass 2.5 months ago from California Park Services and they take 2-3 months to process it and it is either going to the PO Box, or to the old church street address so I don't know if we will ever see it in time for next month.  It will allow us to go camping for half price and we do so want to spend some time just relaxing a the beach or up at the lake on this enforced vacation!  So yeah, stress much.  But if it does not come, I now read in the tiny tiny fine print, we can apply again (and pay again) at the nearest park station (when the blasted place is open!) Because I paid with a MO thinking it would be faster than a check and yeah, kiss that 3.50 good bye.  It's a fabulous deal to get the state park camping pass, just the wait is living hell. 

In the mean time, we are still organizing the storage unit and getting rid of more stuff to make room.  Damn it, I will miss my old furniture, but yeah, what ever, we can always buy new stuff when we have a flat.  And we have solved the power problem, or will have in a month or two.  I have a converter for the truck plug in but this will stop us from having to occasionally get a jump start if I get lost in sewing and run the car battery down.  Pretty awesome.  To charge the battery, we just switch them out.  Because our truck is an 88, we can start the truck, leave it running and pop the battery out and put the drained one in to charge. 

Pure genius! 

And next week, we have 5 new places to apply for the wait lists for, but the big problem out here right now is that a lot of apartments are going up for sale, and the 'normal' ones are now using wait lists too!  It's getting like NYC out here, you practically have to haunt the obituaries for a flat.  

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