Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Sort of.  If you don't count my third case of raging bronchitus this year.  I have been working cutting tiles, floor boards, support beams, lugging concrete piers, etc.  My boss does not think I can hang a mirror.  I bet I can hang one faster than an hour and a half. >.>

The thing is, I miss my dolls.  I would much rather be working on doll clothing than running up and down stairs hyper extending my miniscus, or however blogger thinks that is miss spelled.  Still, it got us new tires when we needed them and replaced a bunch of clothing that has been beaten to death in public laundrymats.
Tama is still enjoying the camping life.  He loved Doheny beach, except when I took him down to the water and showed him the huge vast expanse of "Bath".  Then he nearly dragged me back through the middle of the campgrounds straight to our spot.
One of my current increasing fears is that by the time I get back to Dolls, they will be out of fashion in more than clothing type.  Everything has become so political now, you can't take a step right or left without someone screaming and melting down.  I was discussing working on a wall for work, and some one behind my boss and I in line decided we were talking about THE WALL.  Big difference between talking about buying sections of fencing for a back yard wall, but yeah, nasty comments were made.  Everyone is minding everyone's business looking for a reason to be racist or hateful in some way.  I even got sneered at for being a 'bag buyer' at the grocery store!  Apparently we were supposed to boycott buying plastic bags until they stopped trying to make us pay for them?  Every damned little thing is offending some over sensitive person.  Honestly, I just want to not drop the damned eggs!

So  now more than ever, I am worried about making culturally inappropriate clothing choices for my dolls and having my sewing business penalized in some god awful manner.  In the mean time, my senses are offended by the constant barrage of sexist, abusive, racist rap music every time I go to the grocery store in the evening.  So yeah, maybe I don't care who I offend by putting a purple fur coat on a vampire guy doll after all.  *sigh*  

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