Saturday, December 30, 2017

End of The Year

Over all, we are much better off than we were health wise and sanity wise.  I am still fighting the battle of storage.  Lowes has a storage shelf on sale for around 26$, seven shelves, steel.  Awesome. Trouble is waiting a whole month to get it.  Worth it, though, since it will not only fit in the space I have, but the older one I have will stack on top of it.  That will get a lot of stuff up out of the way.  In the meantime, I have to rethink the pattern for the Volks 1/6 doll project, and try to find some pretty printed super thin cotton.  Polyester chiffon will not do.  Frays like hell.  

One intersting thing I noticed in the news today.  Just clicked on a link for apartments here in Upland out of morbid curiosity.  A lot of them are still at 1400 for 2 bedrooms when for a while there, they were in the 2000s.  But here is the big difference.  Whole apartment buildings are up for sale all across the board.  There are more apartment buildings/complexes for sale then there are apartments for rent!  I heard from a ex-neighbor (who helped us move) that the place we were in has been sold after all those years of being morgaged year after year.  Interesting.  I guess when they couldn't get or keep good tenants, the owners decided to pull the plug on their cash cows.

Tama has finally gotten used to riding in the camper, rather than insisting on being up front when we are driving.  Either that or he is too lazy to get out of bed!  

Here's for a happier New Year for everyone!  


  1. Happy New Year! I have been off the grid myself for a while and am just getting caught up on your thrilled to hear you are taking sewing commissions again, please let me know how I can place an order...wishing you the very best in 2018, and I look forward to seeing many more projects!

  2. When I get the storage set up, I will be taking commissions, but allow for a longer completion time and mostly hand sewing. I want to finish the Volks 1/6 project and show that my hand sewing can mimic machine work. Happy New Year and so good to hear from you again! ^_^V


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