Sunday, December 10, 2017

Decission Time

After months of sawing wood, cutting tile and lugging things up and down stairs, I quit!  I've been over tired, injured numerous times (hammers do not belong on ladders when not in someones hand!) and generally given the run around on jobs, purchased away half my income on take out food and replacement clothing, gas and all that, I put my foot down and quit.  Everything we needed that money for, like the camper shell and new tires and repairs has been taken care of. 

I want to get my sewing business back on track again.  I miss being artistic and creative and yes, just playing with my dollies, damn it.  So yeah, done.  And I think I have been traumatized by houses in general.  Termites, plumbing, omg the horrors!  In January, I will go ask the housing people if we are still on the wait list, just to make sure, or get us on some other lists or something.


  1. You might be cured of being a houseowner at this point! Or at least if you get one, you will know how to fix it. May you be on the list for a nice apartment--and congrats on the new shell and tires!

  2. A lot of my ability to do home repair comes from living in those apartments for so long. I just hope we are still on the list. There is no reason for us to be booted, but even after calling the main company, the manager has not responded to my calls to make sure nothing has changed or needs changing. Still, California is looking pretty grim and worse comes to worse, we will pack up and move to Tennesee!

    1. Cost of living is a lot lower in Tenn, and it's green. It does get cold in the winter, more than Cali.

  3. Everyone we know around here has someone who has moved there and loves it. I just want to get away from the insanity building up here in Califoria. Even if we had not landed in this particular situation, I would be considering it.


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