Sunday, August 13, 2017

More Progress.

I have managed to get the books off the dishes and framed photographs in the storage area.  All the kitchen stuff is now stacked in the back, all the sewing stuff in the front.  My sewing machine desk is getting cleaned off next.  This coming week is supposed to be in the high eighties rather than the high nineties.  I can do this!  Though before I found the extension cord for the fan, I nearly fainted a few times up in the heat at the top of the unit.

On the other hand, my smaller, less car battery demanding converter for the truck plug in has a frayed plug in cord and I turned it over to my boss to have it soldered back in.  This may take a while because he has hared off to the river for some R&R, but by the time he gets back, I should have my sewing area (such as it is) under control.  I may be able to use the machine after all for short bursts.  This makes me happy, because even if I can't put my dollies out on a shelf, I can open a plastic tub and socialize with them for a little while.  (Rather than the crazies in the park.)  

I want to work on a few persnal projects to get the feel of the work flow and then will start up the business again on a slow scale.  

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