Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Can See the Top of my Sewing Machine Table!

Mostly.  I have a box of books and a 'zen' fountain still on it that need to be hefted up on top of the refridgerator next time I get in there, and of curse the sewing machine boxed up, but I am almost ready to start trying to sew for my dolls again!  We had a few wierd 'to rain or not to rain' days and I got a lot more stuff sorted.  Now the plan is to go through all the last boxes hastily packed and be merciless about lamps and knic nacks and so forth.  Plus there is a lot of stuff we can just replace later from the kitchen like plastic bowls and so forth.  

I have a project list of Volks 1/6, BJD 1/6 child, and BJD 1/3 girl sort of floating around in my head.  I don't know what one I want to tackle first.  I also have to find the box with the 1/6 anime doll aran sweater yarn and hat pin knitting needles in it, for this coming winter.  I want to redo the one I had made before to see if I can get a better size for the doll range.  With the Japanese smaller doll clothing books, I have all these cool basic patterns I really want to try and the Brother sewing machine can handle them much better than the old Singer did.  Those plans got side swiped with the rent hike and now I am starting to really feel like tackling them again.  As soon as I get my converter box back and can run the machine.

The WIFI at the library is going wonky again, and yesterday we had more tree branches come down.  Branches are falling all over Upland and some of them are taking out people's cars so we ware wary of parking under trees that look healthy but are dried out from nemotodes eating up the small roots and water starving the core of the branches.  We had all that rain but now our trees are drying up!

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  1. Sounds like the cooler weather will be a godsend for you! What fun to sew again!


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