Wednesday, July 12, 2017

You Know You Live in CA, AZ or NV When....

95 degrees Fahr feels cool.

I am working on another project that has been planned for a year and almost done, then I will have to make an effort to get up at like 5 am to get into the storage unit at 7 am when it opens and start throwing things away and sorting like oh, the visigoths sacking rome or something.  It has been an oven in there by 8 am!  Fortunately the weather is 'cooling down' for a few days.  How does  it know to go over 100 only on the weekends when the park is over crowded and shade is at a premium?  I bought a pop up awning on sale for like 1/3 the price last day of spring and will put it to use over the truck if necessary,  but right now, we have a lovely breeze and the cat has his own O2Cool fan on his shelf (spoiled beast) so he is happy most of the time.  He still tries to ride on the dash, though. >_<.

I am planning to get that miserable pile of STUFF organized much better, so that I can actually work on orders again if it takes all summer.   I just wish I would get more construction work, but the work being done now is tile laying and two people is too many on one floor.  We put a stove vent fan in last week that weighed a hundred pounds, I swear, and what a pain in the butt!  Stove vents should be put in BEFORE the chimney or cabinets are in place.  And the electric to plug it into should be in first, too!  Plus, it got damn near dropped a few times when we were shifting the boards supporting it and moving it into place, and I have a huge bruise on my upper arm that everyone keeps exclaiming in shock over (yes, yes my husband beats me) Eye Roll.  Seriously, the boss would have a broken neck if I had not been there to get that bruise.  That thing tried to kill us both.  I hate stove vents now.  Yet another inanimate object you simply can not trust.

The funny thing is this thing was so powerful it reminded me of the Tim Allen Tool Time ep where he souped up the stove vent and when his wife turned it on, it sucked the entire dinner up through it.

So yeah, maybe in a month or two, I will be ready to take orders again, with the stipulation that I take longer to do anything than before.  I can lay out patterning and things in the library, but not use pins there, but I have a folding table in storage, so it will take some figuring out how to work the work room.

I nearly forgot, Tama has moved up from chasing dogs to attempting to chase skateboarders.  Yesterday he was just laying there relaxed as could be on the grass at the park and a skater went by on the side walk.  He sat up, watched the guy skate along and as he went by, Tama rushed at him, Cheetah on springbok style.  Of course he came to the end of his leash, but I thought, what on earth?  Then this morning, he tried to chase a guy on a board in the parking lot at the store!  All this free range lifestyle is turning him into a mountain lion in his own mind?

And yes, dogs fear him for some reason.   


  1. Tama is a riot. :D The pop-up should be awesome--it will give you good shade and kind of stake out your turf as well. I'm not surprised it gets hot in the storage locker as well, so early sounds like a good plan if you HAVE to get in there.
    Your job sounds kind of exciting--I like doing that sort of thing but not when something tries to flatten you--and I admit I rofl'd at the thought of the vent sucking up all the food under it! (Though I need one of those eventually--ours just goes through a filter right above it, and back out to the kitchen, making the cupboards sticky.)

    1. I am starting the cotton sorting tomorrow morning. ^_^
      That's bizzare. There should be a pipe up to the roof from the top of your vent. Is there no fan either? You will need a wall plug, a long enough cord, too. If it's not a huge beast like this one was, you just hang it on some screws, put more screws into the wall in the holes, and attach the pipe to the roof to the collar with 'silver tape', plug it in, shut the cupboard over the stove and turn it on. They are really easy to install if you don't have a 20 foot tall kitchen in a billion dollar house and more money than brains. >.>;; The smaller ones just screw into the bottom of a cabinet you've jig sawed a hole in.
      Where did your vent fan go?"


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