Friday, July 21, 2017

Progress, Slow Progress

I have been spending an hour every morning sorting out the storage unit.  I managed to turn a few labeled boxes around so I could see what was in them this morning!  Big help.  Considering that is why I labeled them and mapped out the stuffing of storage in the first place.  I donated a small bag of weird un-dolly stuff i was just keeping to hoard to the library craft project, and cleaned out two letter size boxes (the white ones from office supply stores) and ended up keeping two anyway.  Well, it is progress, damn it!  It was so hard to sort out fabric, just glancing at it and into the box without getting a case of the NOs! I only kept pieces I knew I would absolutely turn into an outfit for each of my dolls.

Now that they have their presents, I will show off the projects that have kept me sane the past year and months.

First, for Fishcake, inspired by the Atlantic Ocean, and my um--attempt to make a sunrise sunset on the ocean, this one.  The center is supposed to be the ocean, then the sides are a loose interpretation of the countries her 18th century sea captain might have written home about.

And because Aernath has a thing for Hawaii (you have to go see her Etsy shop for the hawaiian shirts and shorts she makes for bjd's), this thing which actually only took 6 weeks now that I have my brain sorted better on sewing again.  Shock will knock things out of your head and take some time to get back, you know.  So this is a waterfall into a pool, with a traditional Hawaiian quilt square in the middle.  Making that piece really gave me some serious respect for the people who make the full size versions by cutting out whole big pieces of color cloth and then minutely appliqueing them on a background.

Both doll quilts (72 cm size) were made 90% by hand and the flowers and compasses done by sewing machine, with patterns free from the internet.  My goal was to use fabrics I could not let go of and not buy any more to fill out the design.   I ended up cheating a bit on the Atlantic for water diamonds and the backings are cotton flannel.

So yeah, quite happy with myself and more than happy the ladies liked their surprises. ^_^

Eventually I will have the storage unit under control!  


  1. They are both so wonderful!! Thank you again, it is such a perfect work of art..I wonder if you could do simpler ones for your etsy? I went through the fabric and pulled out the things I want to use, and I will save the rest for if and when you have room to store extra fabric again! It's all so pretty!

    1. I do have that little throw one I made to go with the black sofa. And it is fun to sew the little postage stamp ones together. But my experience with Etsy is that people say, yah that's cool but can you...? I could put up sample 'customise it' listings.
      I know at some point I will have to have a storage unit after we move into a place again no matter what, but I will start a new hoard! And organize it in clear plastic tubs so I can just sit and gloat.
      Look into strip quilting, or Seminole quilting if you want to do some fancy work on the sewing machine fast. ^_^


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