Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wow, Its Been That Long?

Sorry I have been non-communicative lately, but for a while there, we had intermitant library access (upgrades, upgrades to repair the upgrades, city hall deplored the state of the upgrades and hired a new guy, etc. and now we have just had three days of more 'out of service' computers and I kept thinking, when did I last post?

We had more rain, then heat, then rain.  We have been camping up in Azuza Canyon, minding the snake mating season.  It's so quite up there and only a little over an hour drive.  But it gets very cold at night if you don't watch the weather reports and prepare for it.

I have been getting my hand sewing and embroidery skill back in order, just for something to do (and a project that has been off and on since day one of the move out.  But then last week, a friend asked me if I wanted to do something for money, like learn to paint houses (interior so far).  I said hell yeah!  So while the work is intermitant, it got our savings back from the back brake fiasco (it had not been repaired back in 2012 when we thought it was, nothing that rotten could have been anything other than underwater archeaological), and now we have back brakes, new tires we needed, a spare tire, and a new car battery at last.   Yesterday I spend all day replacing the stupid ignition starter relay switch becaus apparently you can get a bad one out of the box, and the truck started trying to start itself, which was admittedly very spooky.  Lots of walking to the Pepboys, ouch.  Tiresome in new shoes I had not broken in yet.

But the handy person business should pick up soon, it goes in spurts and my friend is willing to put up with training me, so quite happy to have the extra to put into saving up for the eventual opening of the apartment wait list option, or the slide in camper option.  Either way, we intend to save up the money now that the truck is in much better shape.

If California does the falling off into the ocean thing one third of the people polled seem to want, (and I wonder what the hell the other 2/3 have to say about anything, since they seem to think 1/3 is enough for seccession) we have determined that Tennesee is as good a place as any to immigrate to.  Lots of people have family there and tell us it is beautiful and low cost compared to California.  It means starting all over again on the wait list, etc, but a friend just moved up to Washington with family to get back into housing and she said it is no worse than in California, just a load of paper work.  Basically, if California secceeds, I want to sue them for the cost of repatritation to my own country, damn it.

We are both in very good health, have a new, saner doctor, and the cat is doing fine.  I just really miss my sewing machine.  *sigh*

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