Tuesday, February 7, 2017

More Rain

I know these updates are getting slow as mud, but we are trying to get so much done in the short cool winter days when we are not being dumped on by storms off the Pacific.  The seagulls are getting very rowdy around here. Every time they go home, they get blown back in again.  They make the ravens and crows look like amateurs.

Anyway, Hubby finally gave up his wheel chair!  We donated it and it's gone.  He still has a rolling walker for when he gets over tired, but he is confident enough now to let the wheel chair go.  Thus gaining more space in storage.  I need to get in there now and find my boxes of doll patterns and books, etc.  My helper had the attitude that everything should just be shoved in willy-nilly and I am just beginning to find out how little he paid attention to my master plan.

I checked my dolls and after over half a year in a non climate controlled unit, they have not changed color, nor thank goodness been broken in anyway.  But since we are still right next to the train tracks, some of the boxes that were up near the ceiling have fallen over with some icky results.  Let's just say that I now have the opportunity to replace the paper and stick part of my Japanese folding screens with some really neat applique designs (damn it!)  And we are going to need them, to separate the living room of the flat when we get in eventually.

We talked a friend of ours into signing up for housing as well, and he found out that the ones we looked at are now closed.  Maybe we will get in soon?  I called today to make sure we were still on the list and left a message for the office.  Apparently they are once again dividing the 909 area code and after that, we will have to change our info anyway, so I used that excuse to call.  I will have to call again, obviously.

We threw our idiot doctor under the buss and changed to a new one, hoping this guy will keep better track of things.  I swear that nut job spent 2.4 years trying to get me on anti-depressants.  Ah well, not all doctors graduated with high levels, most just made it clear of the lowest bar.

So yeah, I am hoping that in Spring, when the unit is a little more functionally arranged, I can start sewing again.  I have a few doll quilts cut out, but I hit a creative slump and can't seem to figure out where what goes where.  I have so many other things to remember and calls to make to keep up with things, I get over tired and bang, no creativity again.  Basically, I need to get my table out and lay everything on it and look at it until it fits right.  Doing things one color fabric at a time doesn't work for me.

Spring, that's all I am asking for.  A nice normal Spring.  That and finding the boxes with my sewing books in them!  GRRRR!  I think he killed my fridge, too, he dropped it a good 3 inches off a step and when we moved it, something was rattling pretty badly in there.  Fun thing is now I can put a block of ice in the freezer and keep things a few days that won't keep in the plastic cooler.  The old metal lined Coleman boxes are making a come back, if you are rich.  Weird to walk in there and put stuff in the fridge.

Tama is behaving himself nicely, but I did have to stop him from attacking two of those little battery monster trucks in the park the other day.  Most cats would be afraid, but he was like: KILL!

Time's up, gotta get going.


  1. That's such wonderful news he is getting around better! And I do hope you get in soon--once you are settled I do have projects for you! Ones you can be creative with, too! <3

    1. Oh, I hope we get in soon, but yeah, long wait is long. In the mean time, still hoping to be up and running by spring, in or out. Longer days would mean more time to hand sew. I can't even look at doll blogs and sites right now, too traumatic. >.< Just looking at my own dollies the other day had me getting all emo.


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