Friday, February 24, 2017


With the cool sunny weather in between storms, I have been trying to organize the storage unit.  As I have mentioned before, I had this plan, this super master plan for how things were to be put into the unit first to last, so that my sewing would be last.   My helper at the time (and thank goodness for the help if not the method of help!) decided not to follow that plan.  I have no idea where most of my doll sewing boxes are burried.  Because the unit is 10 ft high, everything was stacked on top of everything.  And he decided to put everything in boxes in every which way.  (FED EX employee, derp).

Plus, heavy boxes were put on not heavy boxes, leading to the crushing of my japanese folding screens, damn it.  AND, the neatly labled boxes are all labeled to the back or side, so Yeah, wall of boxes with no labels.  Behind dressers and bedside tables that are solid walnut.  So I have to pull all that heavy, heavy furniture out, before I can get to the boxes.  I get exhausted just looking at it all.  Our blood pressure moniter is in there somewhere, but I know when it goes up beyond safe just by the way I feel like blacking out when I get upset.  I need to get it down before I can face this mess.  I want to avoid having to rent yet another unit to shove stuff in while I go through the first one.  But after pulling the furniture out, I have to make time before closing to put it all back in, stacked on top of each other.

Plus, I need to get a power cord and see if he did or didn't kill our fridge with that drop.  I am pretty sure a fridge should not make that rattling tinkling noise underneath.

I am really not sure when I can get my stuff orgainised again to be able to pull stuff out and work on doll clothing orders, even though my sewing table and machine are right inside the door where I insisted on putting them, because my patterns and books are burried, and with out all the work that went into my base patterns to base new ones on, Not A Happy.

I keep telling myself one thing at a time, one thing at a time, and that is what I have been doing, but omg, the next time we do something like this, I hope we can hire pros who will LISTEN to my obviously insane demands for how I want our stuff to be handled!

In the mean time, I am finally making time to get back to the doll quilting I had planned on doing to stay sane.  I really have to just tell myself that things look good when I think they don't and everyone else thinks they do.  Perfectionist fail.  


  1. THe CVS near where I lived in Jersey had a free blood pressure machine in the pharmacy section; keep an eye out when you go into a pharmacy next and see if they have one. Free is good :D You should have some play money in the PP too!

  2. But you know it is going to drive me nuts until I find ours! O_O
    And thank you! Every now and then, a person needs a steak. PS, I still owe you sewing for life.

  3. well CRAP!! this absolutely sucks beyond anything! I have a few choice names to call that thoughtless guy. if i could i would come fix it :(

    1. Eventually it will get sorted. But yeah, wish helpers would listen.


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