Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Our First REALLY Scary Incident

It was bound to happen.  We were asleep at 4:45 am this morning, nice and snug, and someone started trying to open the driver side door of the truck, yanking on the handle so hard it was rocking the truck.  We were parked under a street light, too.  Hubby yelled "WTF! Knock it off, we're calling the police" while I found the lamp and the phone.  This guy yelled something about being parked up the street and then something incomprehensible, and contined to pry at the truck door.  I yanked open the curtains and turned the flash light on him and told him to get lost.  He then started trying to pry open the camper shell window and said he just needed 5$ for gas.  But there he was trying to break into the truck!  We kept yelling at him to leave us alone, we didn't have any money and then he put his hands next to his face up against the screened window and said "Can you open up?" And I yelled "Hell no!"  Then he said "Hey my stash is up the street, you want to go get high?"  Hubby told him a few choice things he could do with himself and the police were coming.  Then he finally went away, but our "neighbor" in the van up the street called us later when he saw us getting ready to leave and asked if some guy had tried to break into our truck, too.  So yeah, drug zombie attack.  We don't know how many of the truck campers were hit by this guy but then I realized he looked like the guy the police are after for breaking into the Rad Coffee Place up the street.  This guy had no concept, he was that freaking high or something.  Frankly, a lot of people would have just shot him for trying to break in.  But what sort of nut just tries to get into someone's car or truck and then does not understand why people would say NO!  Drugs.

 We need to get some expanded metal security screens for the back of the truck before summer.  If the window had been open, I think this jerk would have put his hand through.  I forgot to mention that our very not so brave cat decided the best place to be was under the blankets at our feet.  His eyes were like little golf balls with all this going on.

Good news, Hubby finally gave up the wheel chair completely.  Now we have a little more room in the storage unit to actually put a step ladder in there and start re-organizing.  When I get a 4 foot step ladder, that is.  We are trying to borrow one before buying.

Three more horrific rains storms are going to ruin my plans to pull everything out and reorganize for the next 7 days, though.  Ah well.  

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