Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Nah, I Don't Think So

Re the church letting me have room to sew, I took a good look at the feasibility of getting my sewing out of storage, and it occured to me that not only would I have to lug it back and forth from the truck, but back and forth from storage as well.  If my nice armoir had not collapsed on itself (pressboard) and I did not need to buy metal storage shelves and redo the whole thing, I would give it a shot, but until that mess is cleaned up, I think I better stop rushing ahead and deal with one thing at a time.  The damp is not obvious but it is insidious and my pressboard bookcases and the 20 year old armoir have slowly soaked it up and the shelves sagged and one broke.  I have an impending avalance of boxed up books, so that is my priority for now.  Getting storage organized as planned, and then sewing on my own.  And with that mess organized better, getting my stuff in and out will be no more difficult than taking the sewing machine into another room at our ex-apartment.

We are still following our plan to make sure the truck is running right, and save up the money for either the new shell or the van.  Then the sewing will commence with a vengence.


  1. Sewing would be awesome! You know that once you have a way to do it, I have things for you to sew: or I can just buy the things you make as long as they fit an SID or old EID or Soom Old Body..everyone needs clothes!

    1. Thank you! I would rather be more in control of my own work environment. You know how it is when you have everything laid out and then have to clean it all up and move it and lose your train of thought on a project? Its like losing an hour's digital art work or something! With things my way, I would not have to do that. I seriously miss sewing!


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