Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Maybe Some Good News Eventually

At the Christmas Eve Dinner, one of the ladies in charge of the New Hope project where we were able to register the car and insurance for it told me she has been advocating for some space for me to set up my sewing machine and do some work. She said that since the project is supposed to encourage homeless people to work, it made sense to help me work.

My problems with it are that the project office is only open 3 mornings a week, 3 hours a day, one of which the hubby has his PT appointment.  I would have to have him babysit my work if I go the restroom or to get something I forgot from the truck.  I would have to buy a sewing machine cart/dolly thing to lug the machine and all my other equipment back and forth from the parkinglot over bad paveing and sets of stairs.  The place is frequented by street people who are violent, often starting fights with each other, and bragging about hiding from the police for warrents, or in the parkinglot (against the rules) trying to con people into helping them out with money or a ride, (and getting helpful people in trouble with the police because it's all about drugs or stealing your car) and the whole thing just makes me want to back off and run away every time we go there. The only reason we go there when the office is open is every 3 weeks (or you lose your mail privileges) to check our mail.  

The upside is hey, I get to do some sewing.

I need to think about this.  I need to see the 'space' they are going to let me use.  And hot weather is out of the question as there is nowhere to park in the shade and the cat is not invited.  And if we get the larger battery for the truck soon, I can set up my awning, folding table and machine and sew in the shade in the park.  So yeah, I need to assess the good parts of the offer.  But the whole thing just conflicts me.

The other conflict is between the place that did our gasket for the camper shell and a new custom shell for 1,800$ or a trade and $1000 for the Safari Van.  Both would need to be fitted out the way I would like it, so the interior is no issue.   I talked to our mechanic today and he said keep the Ranger because it's a solid beast and get the new shell, rather than take a chance on the Safari Van being a mess of problems. So the comprimise is, spend the 85$ to get the van checked over before we make any decissions on which to buy. When ever that happens.  At least we are now at the point where we can start saving up money, and when the weather improves, get some sewing done.  Right now it is damned cold in sunny California.  And that drought, we are getting dumped on by coastal storms at least half the week for weeks now.  Technically I should be getting a lot of hand sewing done, but yeah, not happening.

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