Monday, October 24, 2016

Hell of a Storm Here in CA

Driving back to Upland this morning was like being an extra in a thriller disaster movie. All that was missing was the wind blown sharks or something.  Thunder, lightening, pouring rain on Route 66.  And before coffee.  O_o

I thought I had caulked my camper shell windows really well, but yeah, nope.  So we had that moment every one has camping.  When the flood comes.  It is mostly dry now.  Newspaper is awesome for wicking up water.  I found that out while living in that awful flat for years with the roof not being fixed.  Nothing was damaged but my patience.  I seriously can not deal with having wet feet.  I have been living with cats too long.  You see we don't often need wellies in CA, so I don't have a pair.

It's that time of year again.  Fishcake knows the score, LOL!

You are drunk, Squirrel, go home.

My grandparents in NH used to have to deal with drunk deer every time the apples fell and fermented.  They do a lot of damage, but this guy, this guy has issues.  

I am going mad without my dollies.  


  1. haha squirrels are the best! They are such clowns even dead sober! Glad you are dried out again. (I once left all our toilet paper on a picnic bench and yes, it poured. We had to borrow a roll from our camping neighbors.)

  2. Ugh nothing worse than a leaky roof!
    I used to satisfy doll withdraw by looking at internet photos
    but ya..

  3. I'm going to show this to my brother. Poor squirrel reminds me of a drunken salarymen in old Doraemon comics swaying down the road and experimenting with friction against locked doors. Is that you laughing in the video? As for doll withdrawal, I do a rotation system where I put a different one out to look at so as not to get bored with one. - Skello

    1. No, that is not our video, we just laughed at it so hard, we had to spread it around. It was on the weather channel.
      I have sort of reached the point where I am really looking forward to being able to have my stuff on shelves again.


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