Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall At Last!

We had our first really cool day in ages, so I was finally able to get into the storage unit and do some serious culling.  After all, I can always replace the book shelves later.  I have a book I want to try some furniture patterns from that I can't remember at the moment what the title is, (it’s buried in storage) but it's for making really clean lined simple modular pieces that you can change the form of.  Triangles and trapezoids and so forth that you then join with shelf or table boards.  In a small flat that can be quite useful.  

I think my tablet hates most of the internet now, the html formatting always messes up.  So yeah, still alive, still getting somewhere.  We just need a new bigger 5 year battery for the truck and an extension cord and we are going to see how the sewing goes.  A lot of people use their storage units as workshops so I am pondering that.  We would need to change to a garage door unit to make it more efficient, though.  And get an awning.  I am considering donating our fridge and freezer to the animal shelter thrift store, because they pick up and it would free up about 8 sq ft of space.  Anyway about to get thrown out of the library at closing time.


  1. Glad things are cooling off! I always forget how astonishingly hot LA is most of the year :o If you happen to look at ikea they have some ideas for squashing everything into 600 square feet; the key seems to be wooden stackable boxes to hold everything/sit on. They always make the displays look so cute for the small apartments. I'd still need a storage room!

    1. Finally, this computer will let me reply. And I remembered the name of the book.
      What I have in mind is modular furniture that can be seriously rearranged as needed.

  2. Skello here. Hm, a storage room as a workshop. There's something romantic about that. Glad to hear you're doing okay. I miss our chats. Hang in there.

    1. They don't seem to mind it, lots of people are doing it, but they had some break ins and are putting in vid cams so we will see. I am very reluctant now to let anyone know about the doll hoard in my little back alley unit now. Our 'neighbor' lost a lot of fishing and camping equipment plus cans of food. But he sat out in a lawn chair reading with the garage door up so people passing could see what they had and make it worth breaking into.
      So far the heat has not affected ANY of the dolls, even the heat sensitive resin ball joint dolls.
      Well, we will eventually have more portable internet again. I am loosing my mind. I have to make notes of stuff to look up when I get to the library rather than on the spot.


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