Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wow, Has It Been That Long?

Sorry to have dropped off the planet for a while, but the heat and car repairs, etc.  We have had more cool days than hellish lately and have just been trying to enjoy them for a change.  I am still waiting for the really cool days to start getting rid of stuff in the storage unit so we have room to move around in there.

Tama is getting very used to walking on his leash.  Unfortunately this means ever time we go to a park he has walked in, he expects to go for walkies.  If you have ever seen a spoiled brat sulk, this cat has it down.

I am vaguely considering finishing up Arita's Octoberfest outfit in time to take her to the LA county fairgrounds Octoberfest.  It is the least expensive around at 35$ total (parking, us getting in) if we can go at evening and have the cat kept cool.  Thinking.  Maybe.  We will see what happens.  Since we don't drink, we aren't going to the 75$ a person places where you get a huge boot to drink out of and all the brew you can drink.  My god, that sounds like an invitation to long lines at the portapotty.

But yes, alive much.  Reading a lot of books. I just finished up the mystery section at the library.  If this keeps up, I will have to start reading biographies and then history.


  1. finally took my cat out on her harness after 3 years- it was amazing she still remembered the words "outside' and "walkies" Boy did she love it. Unfortunately she had a slight asthma attack that night , but it sure was fun being out with her

  2. Poor Tama is getting a little bit tubby from riding around all the time, so I am trying to get him to chase pine cones if I roll them on the grass in the park. He likes pine cones for some reason. Also "Umm-mao" means 'this way', at least to him. He kept making that noise so I mimicked him and he came toward me. I am learning to speak cat.


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