Friday, August 26, 2016

When Nature Gets Stupid

Tuesday we had an incident.  We park in the same space a lot because of the shade and this pidgeon has been sort of hanging around.  Light brown with speckles, sort of doppy, does not get out of the way when you are walking as close as two feet.  We figured it was nesting in the tree we park under.  Pigeons not being the brightest birds.  So the back of our camper shell opens up, and the tail gate goes down, not the type that opens in the middle outward, but up and down.  I am in the back of the pickup putting stuff away, and something goes Whump! and flutters in.  I guess the pigeon hit the raised tinted window back and brained itself a bit.  I scream, naturally (like a 'girly' I am informed) and the pidgeon proceeds to burrow under our folding chairs.  Tama is asleep on the front seat.
I grab a handkerchief, move a chair, toss handkerchief over the bird and gather it up all the while Hubby who was sitting on the tail gate with his coffee is laughing his butt off over my scream.  I have handled birds in the past, so I knew not to squish it and got it out of the truck.  Thankfully it did not poo, just lost a few little fuzzy feathers.  So there I am with a dazed and confused (possibly congenital with this bird) pigeon and no tree branch low enough to shove him onto.  By now my cat is awake and aware something is going on.  They prune the trees so that no one has to duck under them, so naturally, no branches to park the bird.  I ended up putting the covered bird on the cooled off hood of the truck and then Voila! pulling the handkerchief off.  Pidgeon flew off with the cat standing there paws on the dash watching wide eyed.

Then it occurred to me that I am now officially old.  I dealt with the issue rather than whipping out my phone and video-ing it for my face book or something.  So no pictures.

So now we keep an eye out for the dipsy bird in case it decides to try it again.

Tama spent the afternoon sniffing around the back of the truck trying to find the source of the bird scent.

Thank goodness for a few days of 88 rather than 108.  We are getting some things done, like nagging the doctor for referrals and sorting things in storage to make a bit more room to move in there.  Then we need to change the front brake pads (ex-neighbor is loaning us his jack and we have done it so often it's like changing a light bulb) and finding out that we have better neighbors on the road than in the entire time we lived in the apartments.  I was planning on getting something set up to sew by machine in September, but with the brakes and everything we are finding we need, it may be more like December before I have the garage do the double battery thing that will allow me to use a converter without draining the main battery.

So we will see.  I am starting to have dolly withdrawals!  


  1. Pigeons are not the brain trust of the animal world :D How silly! But I think it is good you just pushed it out without taking a photo, because that meant you were quick enough to avoid pigeon poop!

    1. Between the mice, the spiders and the pidgeons, and what ever gave Dai a rash on his wrist that made it look like he had been burned by acid, Nature is not invited to the Chrismas party this year.

  2. If that's what it means to be old, I don't want to be young. You did the wise thing and probably saved the pigeon's life. Hope you rig up the sewing machine soon. :) -Skello

    1. Me too! After the truck's demands are met, I think maybe December is going to be much better. New starter the other day. Ouch. But yeah. o_O I talked with the mechanic about setting up a dual battery thing. He can do it. In the mean time, we are still enjoying most of our enforced vacation!


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