Thursday, July 28, 2016

If the Heat Doesn't Get You...

The trees will try.   This is where we usually park to have lunch, there is a nice bit of shade and a clean set of benches.  This morning we were chatting with an acquaintance and I heard this woosh as his eyes widened.  Half the tree just slowly slid down.  We all thought it was just a branch until we drove by and saw that it would have crushed a car.  There is a huge limb buried in that foliage, the whole thing is the size of a small tree by itself.

As soon as the heat is over and we hit next month's budget, I hope to get new tires and construct an off/on awning for the tailgate.  I have found some for $130 to $300 ready made and thought, what the heck, some PVC, elbows and a tarp for less than forty would do it.  Two tarps and some upholstery zippers and we would have a tent extension for real camping.  It would really help when I am trying to deal with all the small pieces and not having to chase them all over the park.  

Walking a cat on a leash is not like walking a dog.  Cats like to think about things.  Tama will walk to where he wants to be, then lay down and 'observe' for like an hour.  He has finally made up his mind that damp grass in the shade is actually preferable to hot truck with a battery powered fan.  But he has this trick of trying to slither off in the moderately tall grass.  In his mind, if he is low enough, no one will see him, I suppose.  Either that or he is playing lion on the savanna.  He still has issues with the big blue thing, but he is okay under tree branches.  He has absolutely no fear of dogs.  He is like, 'enh, dog, big deal'.  This discombobulates the dogs, who just tip their heads and whine before being hauled off by their owners.   When some boob head has a dog off leash, Tama goes back in the truck.  
Can not wait for Summer to be over with it.  


  1. hang in there. I hope you can find a good place to settle into

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! We are thinking of staying mobile with a coach or van conversion. We are having a heck of a lot more fun lately. I just miss my sewing and having a coach would allow us to plug in a machine.

  3. Just wanted to leave you a note and see how you are doing! I hope you have a chance to post soon--I like knowing what's up with you!

  4. We're getting better at this every week! And do not worry, the fire is on the other side of the mountain range from us. We aren't even getting ashes this time, but man, all those people, something like 80,000 we heard evacuated. High Dessert going up in smoke.


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