Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tama is Adjusting in His Own Way

Hot days during the full moon, and this coming weekend almost as hot.  We wanted to keep Tama cool so we put the blanket in the shade at the park and were basically cool enough except for the few very hot hours when we hugged the ground and enjoyed the breeze.  Agoraphobic cat found the solution to HIS problem.

Because the ground was fairly cool and moist, we let him have
his way when he crawled under the blanket.
About 2 or so, we started to notice something odd.  It got odder, then bloomed into the big fire in Azuza and Duarte, now I find was called the San Gabriel Complex Fire.  This is why we warned people on the camping face book about California's tendency to go up in flames.  You need to be on the forestry email list for updates and so forth around here.  They have been doing it a lot longer than school campuses for crimes, fires, emergencies and lost kids (oddly, usually boy scouts.)  

By evening the mountains were behind a black cloud.  It lingered for days. 
A few days later, Tama was getting a little more bold about running back to the truck.  This time he jumped up on the hood and tried to get in through the windsheild.  We didn't managed to catch him pawing frantically at it, but we stopped laughing in time to hope in and take 'wild animal park' photos.  

We have just about got things organized, but the battery driven fan that was supposed to last a month on one set of batteries barely makes it three nights.  So today I bought Eveready, then we will try Energizer and then Duracell. 

One thing about sewing in the park, the winds knock my sewing thread all around when I am trying to sew, and I have to watch my sewing basked because it has some weird aerodynamic quality that makes it go flying.  I also feel really awkward about having the doll in the truck and stripping her to fit her outfit.  


  1. That kitty face :D And yes, I have had the Nekkid dollie problem at meetups when they are in public's like why don't I have underwear for this girl? (Because it catches in the joints). That's a lot of smoke! I hope they can keep the fires down; the weather is not helping.

    1. I just hope that this weekend doesn't start another one. Apparently some one went off highway 39 and that got it started. Probably blacked out in the heat or something, poor person.
      I have to make a 'medical brace' for her fingers, the Gorilla Glue is just not working like for Ciel. Must be difference between the resins. Of course, once we have fixed up our 'house' on wheels a bit more, this is an excuse to buy her jointed hands! I just realized this the other day when I found her finger running loose. >.<;;


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