Saturday, June 11, 2016

Life on the Road

So far the 'shakedown cruise' has taught us a few lessons.  One: never trust a cooler bag.  We got rid of our cooler because it took up too much room for what little it actually held after the ice was in.  The cooler bag worked great, until I had to smack on the brakes and it tipped out of its slot and the zipper allowed it to piddle melt water all over.  Good thing we had a very hot day, everything dried in hours.

Tama is going through the five stages of grief or something.  First he was in denial.  Very loud denial. He would stay in back until the truck started moving, then shoot through the window into the front like a rocket.  He is now pretending none of it is happening.  When  I find the connector cable from my phone I will put up photos of his first look at the park.  He was okay for a few days, fresh air, sunshine, birds, but now he's like OMG, not this again.  He has a battery driven fan, shade trees and food and water and the windows open a bit all around, and to hell with Nature.  The truck is now his closet (his favorite place to hide).

We got our Time Warner Cable money back, now for the apartment deposit.  Then we will feel a bit more free to go further.  The post office drove me nuts, saying that someone who had the box before us had their check clear just a moment before my online payment went through, and would I give it up.  NOPE.  Grumpy Cat NOPE.  I have battled with the government over non-residential mail and won, I will not call all of them back and change the PO number.

I still hurt all over from the move, but things are getting more organized.  The truck is like a slider puzzle, we've finally had a day where nothing dropped on my foot or got wet from melt water.  I have to go get this mysterious thing recommended on the truck camping face book called a Pool Noodle and use it to make a gasket to keep out rain and mozzies.

I keep thinking about the families that are getting the shaft from the apartment complex.  We are laughing it up in the park, watching little league baseball, finding new ways to cook without getting the pans messed up (wrap everything in tinfoil!) and making do.  There are people so much worse off than we are and if the families that are stuck in the apartments stay there, they are facing eviction.  So many people in our area are facing the same thing, the more people we talk to the more we find out this is happening.  After this month is over and things lighten up a little, we can breath easier, and then the month after the truck will be registered for another year and we will be able to start saving up money to check out Nevada.

Maybe next week I will be able to pull out the dirndle project and get back to sewing again!  

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