Friday, June 3, 2016


It is a running truck!

But it needs a bit more work.

Does it never end?  As I just told the manager on the phone, we won't be leaving any earlier than agreed, because i need to drive the truck a few days before we are positive it will not go bang again.  It drove the poor guy at the shop nuts because who ever worked on it last was a 'moron'.  Ouch, considering the guy who worked on it last was the guy who we paid a fortune to get it past smog and are planning on taking it back to next month for the smog check.  Ouch.  Anyway, maybe he means the moron who did the other wiring, which we decided not to go back to after November 2013 and every penny of our savings was eaten up just in time to destroy us.

Right now we are waiting on one little cig lighter socket.  When will they stop making those things to heat up and just put in a PLUG IN?  Who uses those things for cigerettes any more anyway?

Hubby is hooked on Green Arrow and we need to take the DVDs back intact to the library, but omg, Capt Jack Harknesss (what ever is that actors name) will need a bit of a tightening to play the chara again if they bring back Torchwood.  Alllllthooooougggh, he did end up as nothing but a huge face in a jar.....Hmm, he might get away with it after all.

So, outside of our vote through the mail paper works not showing up and having to go stand in line for the primary and local votes Tuesday at the primary school (parking, what parking?) everything is rolling along.

Will these bruises never go away?  The entire upper part of my butt is black and blue from shoving the truck out of the garage.  I did not realize until two days later that THAT was why my lower-lower back was hurting.  When did I get so damned fragile? Is it the BP meds?  I will have to ask.

The roses survived the up-rooting, I just need to hug them goodbye and hand them over. (Yes my roses have names...)  When we go look at the place we want on the wait list for, I will ask for a layout schema so I can plot our new home.

I had this post started and forgot about it because so much was snowballing.  O_o 

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