Saturday, June 25, 2016

Etsy Email re Canadian Postal Strike

Just a heads up I found in my email today:

"We are reaching out to inform you of the possibility of delayed shipments to Canada beginning on July 2 as a result of a service disruption caused by an ongoing labour dispute at Canada Post. The disruption will affect all shipments to, within, and from Canada that are handled by Canada Post. This includes shipments into Canada from other national carriers like USPS and Royal Mail."  

Thank goodness it is not going to be as hot this weekend as predicted.  I guess the ashes from the fire did cool things down a bit, because it was back to flannel shirts yesterday afternoon.

I am a little displeased with our post locally.  I asked if they would put our usual 'junk mail' in the PO Box.  Nope.  No third class mail.  Darn it!  At least we got the Yohshinoya coupons before we moved out.  If you have not tried the sweet walnut shrimp, you should.  Or just stir fry walnuts with shrimp and veg and toss some sweet and sour sauce on.  Walnuts go great with shrimp.  I always thought almonds were the fish nut, but the walnuts really make a different taste that enhances the shrimp even more.

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