Friday, June 17, 2016

Back to Sewing!

I took my life in my hands this morning and climbed up through the piles of stuff and got out Arita to get back to her dirndle, the embroidery of which was finished just before we bugged out, photos here and here  We decided today that since we had nothing better to do, we would make it to Octoberfest this year! Always before, Hubby was on call and could not go anywhere for special occasions. Now we can plan on buying tickets to the fireworks show.

One thing about camping (besides the early mornings, sunrises, sunsets and beautiful still moments in the parks with the cat lolling between us on the quilt on the tailgate) is learning to be methodical.  For years, it was get up, coffee on, dishes in, run run run, until I was too tired to do anything but make lunch and collapse.  Now we find ourselves having to be patient with time and do things one at a time (very Buddhist) and oddly, having more time because of it.  So yeah, time to get back to sewing.  The Dirndle project is all hand from here on.  She needs the white blouse, the jumper dress, the little black hat with flowers, the chain jewelry and the stockings are somewhere already so we might have to skip them (buried near the ceiling!)  I am hoping to find her a proportionate mug of beer somewhere.  I have my camera in a box of electronics in the truck, I need to get it out and charge it up along with everything else.

In the mean time, my cheap new tracfon has a camera I am pretty happy with.

The beautiful new military memorial at Upland Library.

"I do not like the park. Remove it from under me."

Tama is just so excited to be out in the fresh air.  Not.  He is fine under trees, but under open sky,
he does this belly crawl thing.  At night, he's fine, but during the day, nope. 

There is this really weird braided root system on this one tree, none of the others
have it, so I had to photograph it. 

Tama is still not impressed.  


  1. Tama looks great, if agoraphobic.:D I always wished I could get my cats to take to leads instead of immediately diving through the bushes or up a tree!

  2. He goes boneless now when he knows we are where we will take him out of the truck. He is getting used to his leash fairly quickly and I wonder if it isn't his genetics. Our Anastasia was a Himalayan and she was a trucker's cat before we got her. She walked on a leash and wanted to ride on the dash. The only thing we have real problems with is the chicken places we drive by. He goes mad for chicken! We have to roll up the windows the minute we smell it.

    Anon on my own blog, darn it! Google is wierd!


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