Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Almost Sane Again

We got about one third of our deposit back from the apartment, and I was shocked that they expedited it, but we left the place so nice I guess they cut us some slack.  What bothers me is that they only charged us for cleaning the carpet.  That means the next tenant is going to be paying 1250 a month for our two year old carpet.  Um....that's not very nice, when the law is NEW carpet every tenant, now is it?

We are waiting for an information packet on moving to the middle of Nevada in the old silver and gold mining country.  I must day the answer to our query was very enthusiastic!  But we will not be going to have a look until later in Fall when we have saved up some money.  We finalized the argument with the government offices yesterday and will now await them screwing things up again.  I do not understand why the Social Security office could not give us ANY information on how a move to Nevada would affect our situation.  "We aren't supposed to do that, that would be making it easier for you to move to a state where your income would be increased."  Um...yeeeaaahhhh, could you at least tell me if the income would be commiserate with the cost of living in that county?
Clerk: Blink blink.  "It should be".   Me: That was all I was asking.  Would we be able to afford to live there is all I wanted to know.

Gees!  What a pack of maroons!  You would think they were there to help people, being part of the so called security net.

So now we have gas money and a better budget for the rest of the month just in time with the returned deposit money, and fixed the inside of the truck up a bit more with storage organization.  A so called 3 day cooler replaced the 2 lunch box coolers.  It had better work.  Ice is eating us alive and melting so that everything gets soaked, despite being in plastic baggies.  I don't remember it being this complicated when my Dad and Uncle used to take us kids camping.

As soon as I get used to the routine we seem to be establishing I will haul out my sewing packets I have sorted out.  Naturally the fact that I am outside means it has attempted to rain more than it should, and the nights are freezing and it is just weird weather for this time of year.  The wind blows like crazy, and the sun is hot and the shade cold so we are quite a lot more comfortable than we would be in the ex-apartment, and I still can not get over how nice it is to be 'homeless'.  There are always park restrooms, or Walmart, and we have no problem with sanitation and keeping clean.  The only real problem is dry bleach.  I need to buy something to put the stuff in because no matter what, it manages to spill in the bag and get all over.  And bungee cords are wonderful things.

Tama has started to recognize parks and parking lots and seems to want to go for walks at night (no visible sky, you see) than in day time when he just wants to get under the truck before the sky falls on him.  He goes nuts when we park too close to chicken restaurants.  I will have to get him some non spiced or sauced cooked chicken since he is so used to having it.  He is starting to like to sit on our laps like a small dog will when I am driving and look out the window.  This morning at the 7-11 he had it out with a miniature doberman in the next truck.  The owner was having hysterics because the dog was determined to win the argument, and Tama kept growling back at him through his gap in the window.  We all had a hard time stopping laughing to start our cars and go on our way.

One thing I have realized is that all the stuff I put in storage and thought we could not live without, half of it can go.  We have to start thinking about the long haul to Nevada and how much it will cost and what we really do want to take with us.  10 ft truck, 15, 20?  And we will need a tow dolly for the pick up, because the hubby can not drive.  Lots to think about, but at least now we can save up for it.  We would have been in serious trouble without everyone's help.  I have been paying it forward when ever I see someone who needs it now that we have a bit of lee way.  So many people are just toughing it out, there are ques at the parks to get washed up and you would never know they are 'homeless' except for the back packs and packed cars.

Anyway, times running out, library only allows one hour a day per card. O_o

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