Thursday, June 30, 2016

Almost Ready to Show off the Dirndle Progress

I need to get some snaps (or excavate the storage unit) and sew them on and dress up Arita for the photos.  I still need the jewelry findings to make the silver latch things for her bodice, though.  And I know my camera is in the truck, but is it charged?

I hope the Social Sec office doesn't screw up again tomorrow.  Bad enough they divorced us and sent the hubby to live with his deceased parents (we wrote a letter telling them correct it!) but will they correct it?  Seems like they live for this sort of terrorizing.

I find I get a LOT more sewing done now with out all the distractions of the house to deal with.  Now that we have a daily routine worked out, it is getting more relaxing than not.  The only problem now is that I have to find a way to cut out tiny fabric pieces without the winds immediately whipping them out of reach!  We have gotten used to having everything blown about (I seriously am considering cutting my hair! I hate trying to eat with the wind blowing it in my mouth!) and have perfected the quick slap down, but it does get insane sometimes.  

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