Friday, May 20, 2016

TracFone is Not Helpful: RIPOFF WARNING

I have had a back up emergency TracFone for a while now, since we quit T-mobile.  I let it expire about a year ago, thinking what ever, don't need it right now.  However, with the whole moving thing, I wanted to get a 30 day card.  The gas station was out of them, tried to make me buy a 30$ card for 90 days.  Nope, just need a 10$.  Went home, tried to add online. Could not find my log in code anywhere, and they would not email me a password change.  Phone is expired (I know this!) and I call the TracFone number to see about getting this solved.

1.5 hours online with a lady who was very unhelpful.  She kept putting me on hold, and telling me that my service use area was wrong, and my pass words were wrong and my codes were wrong, and I kept asking her how to fix that.  She kept trying to tell me that only the 400 minutes for 100$ for one years were available. I kept thinking she had misheard me and said no, 30 minutes 10$.  She finally said she would let me buy minutes and got all my information, THEN ASKED FOR MY DEBIT CARD PIN NUMBER.  She insisted it would be kept private but that she needed my number to process the transaction.  My head splitting I told her that's illegal and hung up.  Tried again online.  Nothing would work.  Called them again and tried technical support.  Got a clearer line and a lady who spoke more clearly. She could care less that the woman had asked for my debit card pin number.  I called the bank and ratted them out, the rats.  I will go to Walmart and get a 5$ new sim card and take it from there, *sigh*

We got all the small boxes into the storage unit Wednesday, despite the fact that once again, the 10ft truck was not there.  We settled for a 10 ft van van.  Turned out the thing got 2 miles to the gallon, ouch.  And I have reserved the 15 ft for the last weekend, and if my helper does not turn up, I am going to have a total and complete break down.  The good news is that if I pack it in right, ALL our stuff will fit into that 9'7" by 9'7" space.  10 by 10 my aunt fanny.  They didn't count the wall studs, just in between them.  The place is going to look like King Tut's tomb when I get done with it.  The only way to go is up!  And yeah, the old photos of the tomb gave me ideas, LOL!

We were going through papers that needed to be sorted and shredded yesterday (ached too much to do anything else!) and Tama was helping hold down the trash box for us.  It was hot in the aparment yesterday, hence the deshabille. Another good reason to be out by a lake or river this summer.

Oh, great news! I found both our automotive power converters while sorting things.  Now we just need to get the plug in in the truck to work.  Fortune saved right there.  I knew we had them somewhere because he had one in the towtruck and I had one for my laptop for ages, but could not find it since the previous move!  120V perfect for my sewing machine! ^_^ 

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