Sunday, May 29, 2016

Today is the Day

What ever doesn't kill me will put big bulgy muscles on me.  Everything but the small stuff we will need for the next few days until our truck is out of the shop (fingers crossed) is going to storage today.  I will be exhausted, but the worst of it will be over.

I still have all the paper work to deal with, so this will be another week of no time to answer emails or have a life.  And like an idiot, I packed up my sewing machine perfectly and then did not mark the box with my embroidery threads in it.  Durrrp.  I swear next time I will be more organized.  I told Hubby, since we have storage, when we finally move into some place, we will organize mercilessly from the start!  Just being able to afford a life again is what is keeping me sane.  And I am beginning to see the feasiblity of leaving California after all.  Medi-cal keeps denying they make you pay everything back.  So why is the law locked in and all the law suits?  Anyway more coffee, defrost the freezer, drive a huge long truck I have no experience driving, fun fun fun!  


  1. I left California because it was too expensive--about anywhere else is cheaper. And greener.

    1. Any place not regularly hotter than hell would do, I think. As soon as we get ourselves sorted, I will start haunting the CityData web site.


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