Monday, May 16, 2016

The Dirndle Project Progresses and I sort of hate Uhaul.

What with all the nonsense (Uhaul calling me late Sunday to inform me the 10ft. truck I had reserved would NOT be ready Monday morning, and having to change to Wednesday,) I was able to finally line up the flowers the way I wanted them and after a few misalignment with the skirt bottom, got the project well on it's way.  The bodice parts are done, and ready to be cut out.  The skirt is now half done, but I got lazy and decided to leave the final jump thread clipping until it was all done.  Something best done in the early morning with a cup of coffee and a LOT of patience!  I need to soak the cloth in water over night to get rid of the soluble marker I used to draw the placement lines.

This is done on a faux linen called Kettle Cloth, something hard to find for some reason.  It's a mix of fibers and wears really good and has a nice drape but is really super hard to find.  This piece is so old it has been in my stash literally since the last millennium.  This is good practice for the 18th century stuff I want to have designs lined up for.

So, more embroidery, more packing, and hoping I will get the larger Uhaul for the last week of the month if not the first week of June.  They said the 15 ft needed a front end alignment, and all they had was the 20 foot for Monday.  Um...yeah...have not driven my own truck since last year, 10 months ago.  Sure, I'll hop right in a 20 foot van and toodle around in it like it was no big deal!  No seriously, I need Hubby to sit next to me and tell me I am doing fine.  He is the truck driver, not me.  Unfortunately, he can not drive at this time, so I am terrified.  Not to mention, I had gotten a deal and a huge discount on the 10 foot, practically free with the waved fees since I am going to store stuff at the place for like god knows how long on automatic payments, and they wanted to yank that out from under me and hand me a 40$ truck  and all the charges that go with it, NOPE.  Especially since I only have 10 Ft of stuff ready to go!

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