Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Now We Wait

And wait.  And wait. 

See, when the guy at the garage says, we'll call you tomorrow, it does not necessarily mean the tomorrow you think it does.  I suspect we are now in the mad hatter's tea time.  I hope to heck we get the truck back at least by the 6th, which is when we are due to be out.

Still exhausted and all bruised up from catching half dropped boxes and things.  We have a few truck loads to take to the storage place (the bed frame, a small table, all the extra kitchen stuff and the big Colman cooler)  when we get the truck back and then its a nice long vacation.

I saw a preview youtube of the new Alice Through the Looking Glass.  That chinese outfit is gorgeous!  I wonder if we can board the cat for a day cheaply and see it if they put the costumes in FIDM?  Or maybe by then Tama will have calmed down and clammed up and I can pass him off as a fur stole.  

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