Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Insane Week

Okay, this is the week.  PO Box done, Still not packed up as much as I would like, Bank is accepting our PO Box (situation freak out) And we just have to square it with the DMV, etc.

You can not register a car or have a bank account OR A JOB or even a library card in California without a permanent residential address?  O_o  WTH?  But yeah, apparently work around can be done as the lady at Chase just proved.  Now if I can just get the DMV to stop advising me to 'just fib' and actually do something legal.  I am seriously thinking we need to visit Arizona, but if we are out of state more than 30 days, there goes the insurance.  We would have to file all over again.  And that was hell the first time.      

So here is my question.  I had a friend who worked as a traveling tech guy, he owned a house, but he was barely ever home, and ended up renting the place out for years but he had a lot of problems with tenents and things while on the road and had to hire a company to watch that ONE place (which ended up ruined).  What about people like that who give up the home owning responsibility thing, are gainfully employed and bounce from motel to hotel so often you have a 'home' in 48 states plus a few side trips to france?  Does the bank tell them no can do?  O_o  Does the DMV tell them not in our state?

And where the heck is our vote via mail forms for the primary?  Our current post worker spends more time texting on his cell phone than working.  We pass him all the time, just sitting there, well past the lunch break texting away while our mail doesn't get delivered until 4 pm, instead of between the usual 11 to 1 space.

Anyway, going mad here.  More stuff on the check list to do.  More packing, more tying to plan sane meals and use up all the food in the fridge and freezer that I normally work so hard to stock up, the habit of buying things on sale in bulk must be broken (25 pounds of Friskies dry cat food for 10$ is still being nibbled through) And tearing up my roses which have lived through 3 moves so far.  *sobs*



  1. Just wanted to say my heart hurts for you and give you a (((HUG)))

    1. Awe, thank you. Virtual hugs are all I can handle right now, all that heavy lifting squashed me. If you are in the USA, any thoughts on good places to move?


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