Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finishing Up Un-Finished-Objects, The Sewing Version of UFOs

One of the projects I had backlogged since 2010, and finally found the perfect pattern for and started in 2013 was a Vogue 1955 pattern that had been re-issued.  Actually the concept came from Modes Royal  1957.  Here is the start of that blog post on my Dressing Cats (people sewing) blog.

Because I don't plan on attending too many cocktail parties, I wanted to translate this into a day dress that looks snazzy.  All it needs now is a nice little red bolero or a short sleeved red sweater for the cooler days and evenings but it doesn't look too dressy for just going shopping or running errands.  Alas, it is going into storage.  But it is DONE!  Having kept my dress making mannequin decent for over a year and a half now, it is on a hanger.  Oh, and Hubby tells me it fits me quite "Wow", so that's good.

 I was going to order a perfectly matching red buckle on Etsy but what the heck, I had one of my grandmother's collection of Mother of Pearl ones and called it done.  The whole bow woven into the dress thing (if you check the original post) was tricky. The fact that I must absolutely have pockets was part of that.  Annnd to bad my mannequin is permanently inebriated, and the belt is a bit high on one side, which it is not in reality, I just dressed her too fast to show it off.  Too tired for a lot of things lately.

Today I went down to secure a storage unit before they all got snatched up and good thing, too!  The lady told me it was the last one, all but the 10 by 30 are full.  AND, she gave me a discount for the new account fee, which I in turn plunked down on a small truck for Monday.  I hope to get a lot of the light weight boxes into the unit and out of my way here, then do all the big stuff the first week of June when our helper is available.

Wouldn't you know it, a few of the nice campsites in Riverside near the river that I wanted to check out, and bang, there go the rattlesnake warnings!  And up in the San Berdo mountains.  >.<;;  I am not about to expose us or Tama to the nasty things.  One woman was bitten in the middle of a dirt road, so even if you are on a well traveled path, they are out.  I have to wonder though, how the heck she missed it.  Taking a selfie with?

As soon as I get the last pair of new slacks for hubby finished, we will go back to fighting with the Dirndle embroidery.  It decided to distort with the fabric I wanted to put it on and we have to do all the little adjustments one stitch at a time to counter some of the nonsense.  I really do want to get that fabric embroidered before we bug out.

I actually managed to get rid of the big bin of scraps.  Anything that was not bigger than the palm of my hand went. Many tears were cried.  My gang is all packed up, but I plan to put them where I can get to them, especially Arita for her dirndle set.  I sincerely hope that what ever is wrong with the truck is going to also fix the cigarette plug in but I have seen some jury rigs with a battery box and an adaptor.  The thing is heaving the battery in and out of the truck to charge one, then the other.  It was easy enough with my older car, but the truck is high and my back says grumpy cat nope.  I'll go with the plug in in the dash.  


  1. Once you have a place where you can keep fabric close at hand, boy howdy do I have scraps for you. Just let me know! <3

    1. The size of these new apartments, the storage unit is bigger than the bedrooms listed. I may have to actually keep my fabric hoarding under some sort of control.

    2. It's like Tokyo mini apartments--I looked at some online and even the roaches are hunchbacked. (though to be honest the pix online made everything look antiseptic, like an empty fridge).

    3. We will have to go Japanese, that is all there is to it. We have too much stuff. Or maybe I am getting cabin crazy from dodging boxes, LOL!


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