Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Now We Wait

And wait.  And wait. 

See, when the guy at the garage says, we'll call you tomorrow, it does not necessarily mean the tomorrow you think it does.  I suspect we are now in the mad hatter's tea time.  I hope to heck we get the truck back at least by the 6th, which is when we are due to be out.

Still exhausted and all bruised up from catching half dropped boxes and things.  We have a few truck loads to take to the storage place (the bed frame, a small table, all the extra kitchen stuff and the big Colman cooler)  when we get the truck back and then its a nice long vacation.

I saw a preview youtube of the new Alice Through the Looking Glass.  That chinese outfit is gorgeous!  I wonder if we can board the cat for a day cheaply and see it if they put the costumes in FIDM?  Or maybe by then Tama will have calmed down and clammed up and I can pass him off as a fur stole.  

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Today is the Day

What ever doesn't kill me will put big bulgy muscles on me.  Everything but the small stuff we will need for the next few days until our truck is out of the shop (fingers crossed) is going to storage today.  I will be exhausted, but the worst of it will be over.

I still have all the paper work to deal with, so this will be another week of no time to answer emails or have a life.  And like an idiot, I packed up my sewing machine perfectly and then did not mark the box with my embroidery threads in it.  Durrrp.  I swear next time I will be more organized.  I told Hubby, since we have storage, when we finally move into some place, we will organize mercilessly from the start!  Just being able to afford a life again is what is keeping me sane.  And I am beginning to see the feasiblity of leaving California after all.  Medi-cal keeps denying they make you pay everything back.  So why is the law locked in and all the law suits?  Anyway more coffee, defrost the freezer, drive a huge long truck I have no experience driving, fun fun fun!  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Insane Week

Okay, this is the week.  PO Box done, Still not packed up as much as I would like, Bank is accepting our PO Box (situation freak out) And we just have to square it with the DMV, etc.

You can not register a car or have a bank account OR A JOB or even a library card in California without a permanent residential address?  O_o  WTH?  But yeah, apparently work around can be done as the lady at Chase just proved.  Now if I can just get the DMV to stop advising me to 'just fib' and actually do something legal.  I am seriously thinking we need to visit Arizona, but if we are out of state more than 30 days, there goes the insurance.  We would have to file all over again.  And that was hell the first time.      

So here is my question.  I had a friend who worked as a traveling tech guy, he owned a house, but he was barely ever home, and ended up renting the place out for years but he had a lot of problems with tenents and things while on the road and had to hire a company to watch that ONE place (which ended up ruined).  What about people like that who give up the home owning responsibility thing, are gainfully employed and bounce from motel to hotel so often you have a 'home' in 48 states plus a few side trips to france?  Does the bank tell them no can do?  O_o  Does the DMV tell them not in our state?

And where the heck is our vote via mail forms for the primary?  Our current post worker spends more time texting on his cell phone than working.  We pass him all the time, just sitting there, well past the lunch break texting away while our mail doesn't get delivered until 4 pm, instead of between the usual 11 to 1 space.

Anyway, going mad here.  More stuff on the check list to do.  More packing, more tying to plan sane meals and use up all the food in the fridge and freezer that I normally work so hard to stock up, the habit of buying things on sale in bulk must be broken (25 pounds of Friskies dry cat food for 10$ is still being nibbled through) And tearing up my roses which have lived through 3 moves so far.  *sobs*


Friday, May 20, 2016

TracFone is Not Helpful: RIPOFF WARNING

I have had a back up emergency TracFone for a while now, since we quit T-mobile.  I let it expire about a year ago, thinking what ever, don't need it right now.  However, with the whole moving thing, I wanted to get a 30 day card.  The gas station was out of them, tried to make me buy a 30$ card for 90 days.  Nope, just need a 10$.  Went home, tried to add online. Could not find my log in code anywhere, and they would not email me a password change.  Phone is expired (I know this!) and I call the TracFone number to see about getting this solved.

1.5 hours online with a lady who was very unhelpful.  She kept putting me on hold, and telling me that my service use area was wrong, and my pass words were wrong and my codes were wrong, and I kept asking her how to fix that.  She kept trying to tell me that only the 400 minutes for 100$ for one years were available. I kept thinking she had misheard me and said no, 30 minutes 10$.  She finally said she would let me buy minutes and got all my information, THEN ASKED FOR MY DEBIT CARD PIN NUMBER.  She insisted it would be kept private but that she needed my number to process the transaction.  My head splitting I told her that's illegal and hung up.  Tried again online.  Nothing would work.  Called them again and tried technical support.  Got a clearer line and a lady who spoke more clearly. She could care less that the woman had asked for my debit card pin number.  I called the bank and ratted them out, the rats.  I will go to Walmart and get a 5$ new sim card and take it from there, *sigh*

We got all the small boxes into the storage unit Wednesday, despite the fact that once again, the 10ft truck was not there.  We settled for a 10 ft van van.  Turned out the thing got 2 miles to the gallon, ouch.  And I have reserved the 15 ft for the last weekend, and if my helper does not turn up, I am going to have a total and complete break down.  The good news is that if I pack it in right, ALL our stuff will fit into that 9'7" by 9'7" space.  10 by 10 my aunt fanny.  They didn't count the wall studs, just in between them.  The place is going to look like King Tut's tomb when I get done with it.  The only way to go is up!  And yeah, the old photos of the tomb gave me ideas, LOL!

We were going through papers that needed to be sorted and shredded yesterday (ached too much to do anything else!) and Tama was helping hold down the trash box for us.  It was hot in the aparment yesterday, hence the deshabille. Another good reason to be out by a lake or river this summer.

Oh, great news! I found both our automotive power converters while sorting things.  Now we just need to get the plug in in the truck to work.  Fortune saved right there.  I knew we had them somewhere because he had one in the towtruck and I had one for my laptop for ages, but could not find it since the previous move!  120V perfect for my sewing machine! ^_^ 

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Dirndle Project Progresses and I sort of hate Uhaul.

What with all the nonsense (Uhaul calling me late Sunday to inform me the 10ft. truck I had reserved would NOT be ready Monday morning, and having to change to Wednesday,) I was able to finally line up the flowers the way I wanted them and after a few misalignment with the skirt bottom, got the project well on it's way.  The bodice parts are done, and ready to be cut out.  The skirt is now half done, but I got lazy and decided to leave the final jump thread clipping until it was all done.  Something best done in the early morning with a cup of coffee and a LOT of patience!  I need to soak the cloth in water over night to get rid of the soluble marker I used to draw the placement lines.

This is done on a faux linen called Kettle Cloth, something hard to find for some reason.  It's a mix of fibers and wears really good and has a nice drape but is really super hard to find.  This piece is so old it has been in my stash literally since the last millennium.  This is good practice for the 18th century stuff I want to have designs lined up for.

So, more embroidery, more packing, and hoping I will get the larger Uhaul for the last week of the month if not the first week of June.  They said the 15 ft needed a front end alignment, and all they had was the 20 foot for Monday.  Um...yeah...have not driven my own truck since last year, 10 months ago.  Sure, I'll hop right in a 20 foot van and toodle around in it like it was no big deal!  No seriously, I need Hubby to sit next to me and tell me I am doing fine.  He is the truck driver, not me.  Unfortunately, he can not drive at this time, so I am terrified.  Not to mention, I had gotten a deal and a huge discount on the 10 foot, practically free with the waved fees since I am going to store stuff at the place for like god knows how long on automatic payments, and they wanted to yank that out from under me and hand me a 40$ truck  and all the charges that go with it, NOPE.  Especially since I only have 10 Ft of stuff ready to go!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finishing Up Un-Finished-Objects, The Sewing Version of UFOs

One of the projects I had backlogged since 2010, and finally found the perfect pattern for and started in 2013 was a Vogue 1955 pattern that had been re-issued.  Actually the concept came from Modes Royal  1957.  Here is the start of that blog post on my Dressing Cats (people sewing) blog.

Because I don't plan on attending too many cocktail parties, I wanted to translate this into a day dress that looks snazzy.  All it needs now is a nice little red bolero or a short sleeved red sweater for the cooler days and evenings but it doesn't look too dressy for just going shopping or running errands.  Alas, it is going into storage.  But it is DONE!  Having kept my dress making mannequin decent for over a year and a half now, it is on a hanger.  Oh, and Hubby tells me it fits me quite "Wow", so that's good.

 I was going to order a perfectly matching red buckle on Etsy but what the heck, I had one of my grandmother's collection of Mother of Pearl ones and called it done.  The whole bow woven into the dress thing (if you check the original post) was tricky. The fact that I must absolutely have pockets was part of that.  Annnd to bad my mannequin is permanently inebriated, and the belt is a bit high on one side, which it is not in reality, I just dressed her too fast to show it off.  Too tired for a lot of things lately.

Today I went down to secure a storage unit before they all got snatched up and good thing, too!  The lady told me it was the last one, all but the 10 by 30 are full.  AND, she gave me a discount for the new account fee, which I in turn plunked down on a small truck for Monday.  I hope to get a lot of the light weight boxes into the unit and out of my way here, then do all the big stuff the first week of June when our helper is available.

Wouldn't you know it, a few of the nice campsites in Riverside near the river that I wanted to check out, and bang, there go the rattlesnake warnings!  And up in the San Berdo mountains.  >.<;;  I am not about to expose us or Tama to the nasty things.  One woman was bitten in the middle of a dirt road, so even if you are on a well traveled path, they are out.  I have to wonder though, how the heck she missed it.  Taking a selfie with?

As soon as I get the last pair of new slacks for hubby finished, we will go back to fighting with the Dirndle embroidery.  It decided to distort with the fabric I wanted to put it on and we have to do all the little adjustments one stitch at a time to counter some of the nonsense.  I really do want to get that fabric embroidered before we bug out.

I actually managed to get rid of the big bin of scraps.  Anything that was not bigger than the palm of my hand went. Many tears were cried.  My gang is all packed up, but I plan to put them where I can get to them, especially Arita for her dirndle set.  I sincerely hope that what ever is wrong with the truck is going to also fix the cigarette plug in but I have seen some jury rigs with a battery box and an adaptor.  The thing is heaving the battery in and out of the truck to charge one, then the other.  It was easy enough with my older car, but the truck is high and my back says grumpy cat nope.  I'll go with the plug in in the dash.  

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Boxes. Lots of Boxes.

I confess, I hoard boxes.  I have boxes from decades ago.  Flatten them, bag them up in heavy duty lawn bags, garage them.  This is the first time I have had to buy boxes.  O_o  We have boxes from Pizza Hutt and Licorice Pizza (the tastiest Music in town) and a neighbor who would get his diabetes stuff in boxes.  I like to keep the boxes a certain size so we don't overload them with heavy stuff, so they would fit 3 on a dolly.  We never had to buy boxes before.  Home Depot has the best and lowest price boxes, just do not order them delivered.  Our neighbor was kind enough to give me a ride down today to buy some.  Explain to me how 20$ worth of boxes would have cost another $20 to ship?  Anyway, boxes.  The cat is having a great time running around on all the new surfaces.  But how to jam it all into a 10 by 10 foot area?

We got to Home Depot about 11 am, and the parkinglot was insane!  I have never seen it looking like the freeway at Rush Hour, or the college on the first day of Fall Sem.   A total parking lot.   We were like O_O.  Then it hit all three of us (the neighbors and myself) at the same time and we said it aloud, LOL!.  Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  The Honey Do list was in action.

Hubby pointed out today that half the packed up boxes are marked 'Sewing'.  Gee, I wonder why?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Octoberfest Prep: Or, That Darned Dirndle

Ever since I fixed the joints and slapped a shiney blond wig on Arita, my Soom Super Gem/Only Doll head hybred, I have been wanting to go all out on an Octoberfest set.

Why?  Well, the embroidery!  So for two months now, off and on, Hubby has been trying to get this sorted with the design program (while I threw in suggestions).  We left it alone for a few weeks, after the whole rent hike thing, and then decided to put every Saturday into it as a break from other worries.

What it was doing to him was refusing to sew the layers of color in the right order.  Having got that sorted finally (who ever wrote the instructions was insane, I have come to the conclusion) the leaf and vine bit kept stitching over and over up to six or seven times for ONE layer.  Solution, set each stitch one at a time. Then there was the distortion factor.  What looks good on screen is not always what you get depending on your fabric's weave.  I usually stitch out on a nice muslin, and the difference on quilting type cotton is not that much, but this was doing a number, turning all those round flowers into egg shapes.  Stitch length changes have to be done an mm at a time.  And sometimes you get stitches you do not want, no matter what, because the program says so.  And with the one program you can control jump lines, the lines between design that have to be cut, and with the other program you can't.  You have to decide which program is the one that isn't going to drive you the craziest.  One sucks power and crashes like a Mac on Photoshop, and one lets you at least listen to internet music without crashing, but sometimes the save does not take.  It's insane.

So here is a screen cap of a traditional skirt hemline design: rose, cornflowers, and edelweiss, in the actual design program.  You can right click and open in a new tab for a larger view on all the photos.

And what the resizer program (to tweak it to fit my machine's frame as well as edit other programs) does to the colors when you look in there.  Wilcom True Sizer shows you an almost virtual stitch out though I think hubby must have forgot to set the size of the thread, because my thread is usually thinner in the program.  You can see some of the jump lines on the 'blue' flowers.  

To save fancy thread for the real project, it gets stitched out with left over thread from a serger hem project I did and used embroidery thread in the same size I will be using.  All that little thread cutting is not time efficient right now.  The real project always gets de-jump threaded.  The finished design is to be stitched out at 2.75 inches, and repeated.

So now I just do a better job of lining the design up on the skirt fabric and stitch it out in the real colors.  Then I need to get the bodice of the dirndle patterned and decide what size and how many flowers to put on those pieces. I want to get everything, blouse, apron, dirndle, etc. cut out and in a ziplock bag before we hit the road so it will all be hand sewn.  I might make her the old fashioned black  and flower trimmed hat and a shawl to go with the outfit.  It's also traditional to wear silver jewelry with the outfit.

Some very good news, re the sewing.  I have been researching RV and Camping blogs and forums when I can't sleep (I have insomnia but yeah, lots more now..) and found out that a lot of people take their machines on the road.  Even industrial multi-thread machines don't suck that much power!  Most people just use a power inverter from their DC12 V battery plug in.  I checked and I have to make sure I get one that changes to 120, not 110 with a long cord that will go through to the back.  A heck of a lot of them that work for laptops and things are just 110, but the 120 are a bit more.  On the other hand, it is not the nearly 300 for the solar panel and power pack I had been thinking about.  We could put that money into getting the truck plug in fixed and maybe a dual battery set up (it puts in a smaller battery that does not get used unless you need it to start the vehicle.)  I have to ask the mechanic if he has done that before.  We know him as a long time neighbor and a tow driver, but have not gone to him for work yet. I do know he works on classic cars!  Anyway, it's rather a relief.  Once we get used to things and figure things out, I may be right back to work, apartment or not!