Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Very Busy

I am still working on Cadmuss's order, but we are very busy calling places and checking things out and trying to down size our possessions even further for storage.

After/if the truck is repaired, I hope to put some of that non-rent money into getting a portable power pack and solar panel to charge it.  Then I might be able to run my sewing machine for a few hours every other day.  The best one I could find was the Duracell 1300 and the recommended solar panel to go with it.  Pricey but in the long run, with our electric bill, I can't help thinking even when we have a new place, this will be a handy thing to have. Still, I will get a lot of hand sewing done and put things up on the Etsy shop via the library if they allow me to plug in my camera.  Otherwise, I do have a flash drive thing adaptor, they don't seem to mind flash drives.  We'll see.  The problem being that you need a residence address to get a library card, so we are going to be out of luck this month next year if we don't get a laptop and wifi.  I am still looking into that for the future when haha--we have no rent to pay.  I must say, it's a lose/win situation, as long as we can get the truck fixed!

I hope to get the 'cigarette lighter' plug in in the truck fixed along with the other problems.  It stopped working after all the work last year to get the thing to pass smog.  I have had a converter for ages for my laptops and having it not work now would be a right kick in the teeth.

Tama has been out to the truck twice in two days now and he hates it.  He spends all his time sitting on a piece of cardboard rather than put his dainty little mitts on the rubber mat in the back.  He did not react this badly to the apartment when we moved, but the truck, OMG.  Does he REALLY still remember going to the Vet?  After all this time?  Because he went to get chipped in his little stroller not the truck. He is getting used to his leash, though.  He walks forward when he can and stops when I hold him back, but that is only in the house because I don't want to put his flea collar on him just yet.  I need to let it air out for a day or two first after I take it out of the package.  But he isn't doing that rolling chewing frantic thing with the leash and harnass some cats do.

Frankly, I am a little insulted that he does not trust us to protect him and instead yells for help to the whole world. After nearly 9 years.  Ungrateful child.  

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