Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tama Is a Couch Potatoe

I packed away the gang, except for the ones currently working or going to be clear coated for protection and in all the years Tama has tried to swipe the pleather sofa, today was his day!  He got on it and spent the entire day lounging around, until just a little while ago, when he sat up, yawned and called it quits.  Every time I came into the bedroom (which is a mess) I snapped him.  He was so cute. So here is a photo story of Tama's entire day.

I haz sopha.


Getting the hang of it.

Stop flashy thinging me...

Having bonded with the sofa completely.

Good lord is that the time.  Food!
I finally stopped being insane and got a nap this afternoon and got to work on the sewing again.  I need to make black out curtains for the truck.  The screens are in the camper shell.  Slowly slowly we are gaining on the getting things done part.  Hubby has a doctor appointment next week and then it's more applications for waiting lists.


  1. hahaha thats pretty darn cute! Ah yes, the waiting list, mine was quick... i hope yours is also.

  2. My guess is we will be enjoying our 'vacation' and a place will open just in time to ruin it. ^_^ I just hope the truck does not give us any more mechanical greif once it is fixed this time.

  3. I hope you get a place fast anyway--it's like being may be on vacation, but it's hard to convince yourself to have fun. Remember anytime you need a model/measurements I will lend you anyone I have! Or measure, whatever you need!


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