Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Slowly Getting Things Under Control Sort Of.

So, the title says it.  While it is not quite as bad when Hubby had his stroke, it isn't much easier to deal with.  I am just mentally adjusting to this whole camping out long term thing.  We have agreed on one thing.  My sewing equipment stays in the front of storage, and we can stop by to get things I can sew by hand.  I need something to keep myself busy.  Hubby is going to be studying Japanese.  If I get my library card renewed before we move out, it will be good for a year and I will be able to stop in and use the computer there until we can get a laptop.  OMG NO INTERNETS FOR HOW LONG!

I don't know if the library will let me hook up my camera to put up photos of the things I make by hand. I am going to be taking Karen along with for now, because the SID will be a good size to make OOAK things to sell on Etsy now and then.  So we will see.

Tama is getting used to his little harness  though he still thinks he is tied down when we first put it on.  He is not OMG THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL ME any more when I do put it on.  I have to photo him in it tomorrow when I finally get LilsGirls stuff ready.  We need to get him flea drops and start him on the leash soon, but he is agoraphobic and only goes outside in his stroller.  More stuff to miss about our neighborhood. The Vet is with in walking distance, like everything else.  Darn it.

We do want to thank everyone who has helped us.  I will make sure everyone gets special things for their dolls when we get a roof over our heads again, every one has priority, since in theory, we will be living under our income and I can return so much generosity.  This sewing business has been my dream since I was three years old!

You know, it just hit me!  Hand sewn little quilts!  That will keep me busy!  I will get everyone's address in paper book (ooh, paper...how strange and analog...) and make doll quilts.

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