Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rough Week

We managed to find 2 places with a 2 year waiting list, and one with a 2.5 year waiting list. One of which you can have a cat if you have a doctor's paper stating the cat is a companion animal.  All the rest are 5-7 years and no cats.  And with the wheel chair, no elevator is a problem.

The way things look right now, we are screwed.  If we stay here, we are risking an eviction on that one month we can't quite make the rent.  My husband has set up a go fund me and we have emailed people asking them to spread the word, even if they can not donate.  Basically, we can not wait 2 years, but one place said sign up on the list, you never know what will happen so we are going to do that as soon as some doctor appointments and the hubby's annual argument with Soc. Sec. is out of the way.  If we can get the pick up fixed, and at least have the money to move our stuff into storage, we have a lot of hope for the future.  But that huge abyss between moving out and truck fixed is the problem.

So we are starting to pack things up and have to get the truck towed to the repair shop just in time for June 1 when he gets his SSI.  If we wait longer than that, we are taking too big a chance for both our nerves.  An eviction means no apartment in the distant future, let along being on the waiting lists.

Just when my little business was picking up the past, when we were actually beginning to see some relief, they hit us with a very unfair rent hike.  They are legally not supposed to raise it more than 10% in one year.  100$ is not 10% of 850.  But if they do a market thing and get a waiver because of local prices, they can hike it through the roof.  I have been told by county services quite a few times in the past week, this is illegal, but yeah, even 80$ would have done us in after a few months if I can't find work part time.

Too much stress, but we finalized our plan.  It would be nice if as one lady said, just sign up, you never know what might happen.

The sewing business will stay open until the last possible minute, but I will only take jobs I know I can finish in a few hours work a day.

Update: I was so tired I forgot to hit post on this earlier.  That pretty much is the sum of my week.

Must stop listening to dwight yoakam, but it's just so--ironic.

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