Monday, April 25, 2016

Officially on Extended Vacation Now

I shipped out Cadmuss' project today. Now I'm like, wow.  I can sit here and not worry about the business. (Loud Scream Here!)   Etsy is changing again and I don't have the inclination to stress out over it right now and I don't have to!

And then hope I get enough cooperation from the computer over the next month to get a lot of pieces embroidered that I want to throw in my hand sewing bin.  I have a large collection of freebie embroidery designs that would make cute quilt patches, and there are a few of our own we have been poking at in the process of learning to use the programs that make the stitch patterns.  So there is that to look forward too.  Once we have all the new way of living stuff settled down to a routine, I will get back to sewing at least by hand.

So most of the updates here for a while will be photos of on the road, cat photos, food Pr0n, and hand sewing projects, as well as any progress in getting back into a flat.

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