Friday, April 8, 2016

My On Going Disdain For the Bus Is Still On Going.

Summonsed to the Social Security Office for the Imperial Explain Yourself a week after the big rent bomb struck, and knowing how crappy they treated us the first whole year Hubby had been handicapped, the double whammy had me sick for two weeks running.

It poured on us.  Note that gas is around 2.75 a gallon in our area right now, and I saw one station at 2.59.  7.50 for two bus passes.  Sure we got to ride all day, but you know, 7.50 in the gas tank of our truck had it been running would have lasted us two weeks of shopping, appointments, quick jots up to the fabric store, yeah, economic my fundamental muscle set.

It rained. That sort of rain that makes Ireland well, irey.  Slow, thorough soaking rain, the sort of rain that makes your soul grow moss.  We spent 8 hours in various stages of either soaking wet, or steaming on buses and running uphill pushing the wheel chair.  The sidewalks are often busted up tarmac, or not at all in the area we had to go in, with a mix of broken glass, sand and the inevitable god knows what people were thinking medical type waste.  I had to put a hex screw back in the little front wheel of the wheel chair with my bare fingers because I had left my veritable chatlaine of keys home and hadn't my little finger nail clippers to make a make shift clamp to turn the thing or just jam it in and use for a wrench.  Good thing the wheel started wobbling before it came out all the way and we noticed it!

The big horror show of the Social Security Office, think Beetlejuice with out so much blood.  The blasted toilet was stopped up, as usual.  Never fails, government building, horror show in the toilets.  We get called in.  "I don't want to hear it, just answer the questions."  We answer the questions.  Any questions?  Yes, we are going to be homeless, how do we deal with you guys and that.  We plan to get a P.O. Box and what ever that thing with the homeless shelter is where you can have your DMV stuff and all that sent to it and be legal still.  Nothing, just let us know. But prices will be coming right back down again soon," the fed says.  He did think it was cool that I was at least running my own business, but yeah, not without electricity.

Advice: Get rid of the cat, and save all your receipts from the shelters.

But even if we got rid of the cat, we would STILL have to wait 2 years for a place, so what ever. And yeah, it's obvious we have not sold a yacht or won the lottery.

Screw it, we are going camping. Just getting away from the apartment for most of the day had us laughing and looking forward to being capable again. Wheel chair crises and all, we basically had fun, survived, and even though the crazy older lady at one bus stop totally invaded our personal space, we ignored her valiantly 

I will pull myself together for the rest of the evening and then tomorrow, I will go NO WHERE, and get something done around here!   I need to get Karen dressed up for LilsGirls order and photos, but I have been too shakey tired to deal with that, and after Arita's crash, yeah, not when I am bone tired.  

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