Thursday, April 28, 2016

Legal Aid for the WIN!

Hokay, we feel MUCH better now.  No call back from the police/community thing, so I left them a message at 4:45 pm. bascially just 'hey what up?' But I did get a call back from the Legal Aid person, who not only helped me hugely with the whole what the heck thing, but also said forget San Berdo, they only have 2 housing set ups (true, and we have both lists) but Riverside, which our insurance also covers, has hundreds!  And their shelters are more geared toward people in our situation, the economically run over and backed up on and run over again.  She gave me a lot of info; basically that we are third in line on every list, the first being over 60, second Veterans, as well it should be, and the percent we have been being quoted is wrong for SSI disabled.  It should be 30%, and we have been being told everything BUT.  She is sending us a packet of info including some business cards for legal aid, and we are going to put one on the dash board of the truck where anyone getting nosy can see it.  The police can not harrass us in public areas without our actually committing a crime, and if we are following civic laws, the old "you have bedding and clothing in your car, therefore you are vagrant" trick just does not work.  If I park in a store parking lot that is posted and we go in shopping and they target our truck, they can not legally do that.  They have to be called by the people in charge of the property after we have been there too long, not just stopped in shopping or to use the restroom.  If our head or taillights suddenly get broken, then they can give us a fix it ticket, nothing more, no towing and impounding.  No dirty tricks.  So yeah, I feel much better having spoken to a lawyer, and knowing that we will have access to a lawyer should any poo hit the fan.  But where is this call back from the community service officer re some help for us?  So tomorrow we are going to focus on Riverside county housing assistance.

And I did hear back from the management company of our current abode.  They are more than happy with the arrangement for our moving out, and are willing to pro-rating us out of the deposit for the extra days.  She just needed to know why, and I told her. Schools out, busiest moving time of the year, no rental trucks!  O_o  People got Memorial Weekend to move!  Major threat to our financial situation now over, no chance of even a backhanded eviction.

So like the lawyer said, we are now armed to deal with the nonsense.  The big pain in the behind in all this is that Hubby who worked on the road and had to be bonded to work police rotation for towing, knows ALL the rules and laws from their side and now he feels like he's on the other side by default.  We are going urban nomad temporarily, so suddenly we are the bad guys?  Talk about profiling.

We put the carpet in the truck bed and Tama was like, "Ohs, this MINES, how did it get out here?"  He sniffed it over and gave it a good bad cat clawing to teach it a lesson, then settled down to check out the view out the back window.   But he is still freaking out between the front door and the truck.  Agoraphobic cat is agoraphobic.

Cadmuss gave me permission to put the photo of her doll in the fairly outfit up on her blog post, so check it out.  I am just so smug over hubby's ability to digitize patterns.  I just hope he doesn't forget everything he has learned so far after a few months without.

Edit: Wow, I was so tired yesterday I did not make much sense.  Spelling, what spelling?  But yes, much less scared by the whole P.D. thing.  And still wondering what they intend to do with all the information they got from me.  I feel like I've been black listed for just calling and asking a simple question.  

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