Friday, April 29, 2016

How the City Next to Ours Fixed their Homeless Problem Real Good

Title is sarcasm.

They simply got rid of them.  This is how a lot of cities deal with the homeless.  Sweep them into a camp by promising them help and aid, then tell them to get the hell out of town.  Destroying property, confiscating vehicals, taking away pets, etc.  They don't care if you are suddenly out of a job and out of a home after being a decent citizen all your life, they group you right in with the criminal element, which only increases the labeling of being homeless as a criminal activity.

I am done stressing out over this.  We are looking for housing, keeping our cat and our vehical, and not violating any laws they can use against us to drag us down even further and 'run us out of town' simply becaue we are too poor to pay the higher rent. We have researched and researched the 'mobile life' and know our rights, and how to stay clean and healthy as if we were just on a camping trip.  There is a difference.

We are not 'chronically homeless', we are going Camping, being financially responsible, living with in our means, and taking care of ourselves until we find a new place.  We can do this because wonderful people have helped us, and we are grateful and because of them will be able to stand on our own feet (if with a cane or on wheels) and not be treated like criminals.  We will work hard to get into low income housing and I will get back to work.  I am going to stop freaking out and continue to pack and get things ready for storage and Hubby is going to continue to look for the low income places that allow pets and we will have a list to go sign up for when we move out.  The police can go fiddle.  EIther that council thing will come up with help or they won't, but we are not counting on them.

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